No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2855

Rudy shook his head. He had gotten nothing. Grayson had even said that Grayson did not know them.

“What is this guy trying to do? He actually said he doesn’t know us, and even looked at us like it was the first time he met us!” Rudy said with some difficulty.

There had clearly been no one around Grayson, so why did he not tell the truth?

After all, those gathered here were all unrelated people. There was nothing wrong with voicing out any difficulties.

Jackie no longer knew how to teach Rudy a lesson. Rudy had clearly said that he would not be impulsive anymore, and always think things through before doing anything, but he forgot everything the moment he saw Grayson, rushing over to grab Grayson.

Jackie frowned, “If you make a mistake like this again, I’m leaving by myself. I won’t bring you along anymore. You’re really holding me back at the moment. I clearly told you before that you shouldn’t involve yourself in or talk about this. Even if we saw Grayson, I told you not to ask him anything in case we alert our enemies. There are a lot of things we can’t control. You’re really an idiot! Did you see what uniform he was wearing?”

The last sentence was practically said by Jackie through clenched teeth. Rudy frowned, thinking about it in detail before he suddenly widened his mouth. His eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets, “He was wearing the clothes of a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion!”

Jackie nodded as various emotions played in his eyes.

Grayson really had been wearing the uniform of an inner disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. Those clothes were not something just anyone could wear. Furthermore, Jackie had felt a strong aura from Grayson earlier. Even though it might not be that strong in Jackie’s eyes, Jackie was still sure that Grayson was already at the spring solidifying realm.

He had not planned on saying anything to Rudy, but he was worried that Rudy would cause trouble again, so he said, “He should already be in the spring solidifying realm.”

The moment he said that Rudy gaped, “What did you say? He’s already at the spring solidifying realm? You’re talking about Grayson?!”

Jackie nodded, “Even though the laws are restricting him, and we can only see that he’s at the late stage of the innate realm, just from his aura alone, I can tell that he’s already at the spring solidifying realm. It looked like a lot had happened. There must be a reason he said he did not know us. After you said those words, his eyes had a sharp look. It was like he was looking at an enemy! It looks like it’s not just a secret hidden behind this. I told you to be careful, but you refused to listen. Now, we’ve already alerted him. No one knows what will happen after this!”

The more Jackie thought about it, the angrier he got. He had already been angered by Manse earlier, and now Rudy’s actions sent his rage to even higher levels.

Rudy’s lips twitched as he looked at Jackie apologetically. He had just wanted to ask Grayson some questions. He had not thought about anything else. He had not wanted to admit it when Jackie called him an idiot before, but now he had to. He never did anything right and made a mess of everything.

“What does he want exactly? What kind of secret does he have? Why is he looking at us like an enemy? Could he be afraid that we’ll say something?” Rudy widened his eyes and asked curiously.


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