No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2854

There were countless disciples from the Compass Pavilion. Each one they killed would be replaced by another. However, he could understand Jackie. Even if he said that Jackie would not listen to him. Just as his thoughts were wandering, a familiar figure appeared in front of them.

He suddenly stopped as he grabbed Rudy’s arm, “Look at that person!”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he followed Rudy’s fingers. He saw a familiar figure walking forward.

Jackie did not have the chance to react before Rudy hurriedly said, “That’s Grayson! It’s him!”

After saying that, he let go of Jackie before Jackie could react. He rushed over as Jackie frowned, cursing Rudy for being so impatient.

By the time Jackie reacted and tried to grab Rudy, he was already in front of Grayson. Rudy reached out and grabbed Grayson’s arm. Grayson turned around in surprise to look at Rudy. At that moment, Rudy was so emotional that he ignored everything else.

“Where have you been?! Why are you here? What happened to you?!” Rudy’s words flowed out as he poured out everything that was on his mind.

His eyes widened as he asked everything in an accusing tone. Jackie‘s face reddened in anger, not expecting Rudy to be so reckless.

After seeing Grayson, Rudy lost all of his earlier rationality and rushed right in front of Grayson.

Jackie angrily pulled at Rudy’s arm, pulling Rudy back. Grayson first looked at Rudy with a confused gaze. After Rudy said that, a sharp look flashed in Grayson’s eyes, “You have the wrong guy. I don‘t know you two at all.’’

After saying that, Grayson turned around and left.

Staring at Grayson’s departing back, Rudy had a mystified look on his face.

What did Grayson say? Did Grayson not know him?

Why did Grayson say that? What was Grayson hiding?

As those thoughts flashed in his mind, he suddenly heard a scolding.

“Did you forget everything I told you before? I told you not to act recklessly, so why did you rush over?!”

Rudy turned around to see a furious Jackie. It was the first time he saw Jackie so angry.

Rudy shrunk back as he mumbled to himself, not able to say anything.

Looking at Rudy like that, Jackie got even angrier. He pushed Rudy away as he quickly walked forward towards Grayson.

Seeing Jackie push him away, Rudy started to panic. He hurriedly followed behind Jackie, afraid that Jackie would not bring him along anymore.

As he walked, he said, “He suddenly appeared in front of me and I immediately panicked. I lost control of myself. I really want to know why he disappeared. After all, this problem has bugged me for a long time. I was only thinking about asking him then, losing all other considerations.”

Jackie sighed as he stopped, turning around to look at Rudy seriously, “Then did you get your answers?”


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