No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2853

“The fact that I’m signing a contract with you proves that I’m incredibly confident. If I can‘t finish the task as stipulated, I’ll compensate you with enough spirit crystals! I was already willing to do that, so why are you still hesitating?”

The man’s face stiffened, suddenly finding himself in a difficult situation. In truth, he was actually leaning towards Manse. After all, Manse had a seventh-grade alchemist badge on his chest.

No matter what Jackie said, the man only saw a sixth-grade alchemist badge on his chest, so there was a lot of uncertainty. The allure of a hundred thousand spirit crystals was huge, but he did not want to waste time!

After Manse heard that, he let out a laugh, “I really don’t know where you’re getting all your confidence from. A mere sixth-grade alchemist actually dares to accept an assignment meant for a seventh-grade alchemist. I think you should know your place before you take up this task. A hundred thousand spirit crystals might not be much to you, but you’ll end up wasting someone else‘s time!”

Manse turned Jackie into a rich kid who never lacked spirit crystals in just a few words. The moment he said that the black-clothed man’s eyes glinted as if he suddenly understood everything.

The man looked at Jackie with a meaningful expression as he pulled the contract away.

“Jackie, I’m sorry, but I think Manse is right. You probably don’t really need spirit crystals if you signed such a contract with me. If I had a lot of time, I wouldn’t have minded making this deal with you, but my time is limited. I have to pick Manse, who’s better.”

Manse’s smile deepened after he heard that, but Rudy curled his fists in anger as he stared at Manse viciously.

Rudy suddenly turned to look at the black-clothed man, “There’s an order to doing business. We already agreed to the terms and were about to sign the contract. Why are you suddenly going back on your words!”

The black-clothed man raised an eyebrow as he said nonchalantly, “I just set up a stall here. No matter what you said, I’m still worried you’ll make a mess of the deal.”

Rudy got even angrier after he heard that. He pointed at the man, wanting to continue arguing with the man. However, Jackie pulled Rudy back again. Since the man already made his choice, Jackie would not force it.

Jackie turned and pulled Rudy out of the market.

Rudy was incredibly unhappy, mumbling as he was being pulled by Jackie, “That Manse deliberately came over to cause us trouble! That brat is so despicable. If the laws weren‘t there, I would definitely teach him a lesson. We’re both alchemists, he’s definitely not stronger than me!”

Jackie sighed helplessly as he said without turning around, “He really was there to cause me trouble, but I’m not someone who’ll just take it sitting down. They’ll pay the price.”

After that, Rudy started to be a bit hesitant as he whispered, “Are we going to make the Compass Pavilion our enemies?”

Jackie nodded, saying earnestly, “They were the ones who acted like this first, so I can’t be blamed for retaliating. You have to understand something. Taking a step back doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I just want them to let their guard down!”

Rudy took a deep breath, not continuing. He suddenly felt conflicted. He actually wanted to tell Jackie to just let it go. After all, they were facing an eighth-grade clan.


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