No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2852

Jackie frowned. The person did not look like he had good intentions. It was obvious that the person was there to look for trouble. He had clearly just been walking around, but he was acting like he had just gotten there. He deliberately interrupted them at a key moment.

Rudy frowned and said, “Stop trying to cause trouble. Both sides have already agreed to the deal, why are you trying to get in the way?”

The man sneered, not even bothering to look at Rudy as he saluted the black-clothed man, “I am Manse Noble, an alchemist from the Compass Pavilion.”

After saying that, he even pointed at the seventh-grade alchemist badge with his finger, “Even if you’ve already negotiated things, you should look at who you’re dealing with. This person’s only a sixth-grade alchemist… It’s very likely that he’ll make a mess of your things. Why don’t you give the deal to me? I guarantee that I’ll be able to complete twenty blood condensing pills in seven days!”

After Manse said that, the black-clothed man was suddenly hesitant. After all, no matter what Jackie said, he still had a sixth-grade alchemist badge on his chest. He really cared if he could get twenty blood condensing pills in a week.

No matter what Jackie had said, there were too many uncertainties. If Jackie really made a mess of things, then he would be delayed even more. Even if he can be compensated, he still had important things he needed to do.

Manse immediately smiled at the black-clothed man’s hesitation. He pulled out a fan from somewhere and fanned himself as he said, “You haven’t signed the contract anyway, so you still have time to decide. I can even accept less of a reward. You were offering sixty-seven thousand, but I just want sixty thousand.”

Rudy got anxious at those words as he shouted, “You’re trying to steal this deal!”

Manse turned around calmly as he nodded, saying without any hesitation, “That’s right! I am trying to steal your business!”

After saying that, he looked at Jackie with a challenging expression, as if he was telling Jackie to hit him if Jackie was unhappy. However, the tower did not allow fighting in the market, so they had to bear it. The moment Jackie tried anything, he would trigger the laws of the tower, and would immediately be struck by lightning and killed!

Rudy was so furious his face turned purple as he breathed erratically. He wanted nothing more than to choke that person to death.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows and said calmly, “You came here just to cause me trouble, right?”

Manse shook his head, “Who do you think you are? You’re not worth me doing that!”

It was obvious then that it had definitely been Manse’s intentions. Jackie immediately understood. Manse had said that he was from the Compass Pavilion, and Jackie had just offended the Compass Pavilion.

Those guys from the first level were probably incredibly unhappy and asked for a fellow disciple from the second floor to help them vent.

Jackie snorted as a flash of unhappiness appeared on his face. At that moment, he was a little angry. He hated those flies that he could never get rid of the most. The Compass Pavilion was just like flies in Jackie’s eyes. Yet, Jackie did not want to let go of that deal so easily.

He looked up and stared at the man earnestly while he voiced out, “He might be a seventh-grade alchemist, but you can’t be sure that he’ll definitely manage to complete this task. After all, there are good and bad seventh-grade alchemists!”


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