No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2851

He did not even bother looking up, “No matter what you say, there’s no way I’ll make a deal with a sixth-grade alchemist. I only have twenty-five sets of materials. If you end up ruining them, I won’t have anything left.”

“Who’s going to ruin them?!” Rudy was getting a bit excited at that moment.

His face reddened and he wanted to argue with the man until the end but was stopped by Jackie.

In truth, what the man said was reasonable. If Jackie were in his shoes, he would also be worried that his materials would be ruined. Deals could not be done so easily. After all, the materials needed for the blood condensing pills were incredibly expensive. It was natural that he did not want to take the risk.

After Jackie pulled Rudy back, he straightened his body and said earnestly, “I will sign a contract with you. If I don’t finish refining the pills based on your requirements, not only will I reimburse you for all your losses, I will pay you an extra hundred thousand spirit crystals as well. What do you think?”

Jackie’s words finally caused the man to get serious. If they signed a contract, then there would be no room for any regret. The conditions that Jackie mentioned also moved the black-clothed man.

Even if Jackie did a blunder, the man would still be compensated for his losses. He would also get an additional hundred thousand spirit crystals. Even though that was not a lot of spirit crystals to the man, it was still not a small sum.

He thought about it for a moment before nodding and adding, “If you mess things up, there should be a time limit to pay me back. I’ll give you five days. If you don’t refine twenty blood condensing pills in a week, you have to complete your end and pay me back for my losses within five days. That’s with the hundred thousand spirit crystals!”

Jackie nodded, lamenting that the guy was quite sharp to have added in such an important clause. Without a time limit, Jackie could drag things on forever even if he really messed things up.

After the two of them decided on the contents of the contract, the man happily took out a scroll for the contract. They looked at the contents and sealed the contract with their blood. The contract took effect immediately.

Normally, warriors would not agree to contracts so easily. That was because contracts could not be changed the moment they were written. If they fail to uphold the contract, they would be punished by the world itself. It was something fatal. However, if the warriors were very confident, getting into a contract was not a big deal. The man looked through the contents in great detail and asked Jackie to look it over as well. After the two of them were sure that the contents were right, the man cut his finger with a knife.

Just as he was about to drip the blood onto the scroll, an unfriendly voice was heard, “Hold on! Why are you in such a hurry? I’m telling you this out of kindness, but sometimes even contracts aren‘t useful! This guy is just a sixth-grade alchemist, he will definitely mess things up for you. It’ll waste so much of your time, why don’t you rethink things…”

As the person spoke, he walked next to Jackie. The person was already there earlier, but his gaze had been on other stalls. Jackie did not pay much attention to the person.

After the person walked over, Jackie noticed that the person had on clothing that was similar to his. The person had a seventh-grade alchemist badge on, so he was obviously a seventh-grade alchemist.


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