No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2850

Jackie nodded, not being in the mood to explain things to Rudy.

The two of them walked forward for a while when Rudy suddenly stopped, reaching out to grab Jackie’s arm. He shot a look at Jackie.

He whispered, “Look at that guy in black clothes. There’s only a piece of paper in front of him and nothing else!”

Jackie noticed it after Rudy brought it up, and the two of them walked toward the man.

At that moment, the man had sat cross-legged and was closing his eyes to rest. Even if Jackie approached him, the man did not seem to have any intention of opening his eyes. He did not have anything in front of him other than a massive piece of paper. On the paper, it was written very clearly that he needed a seventh-grade alchemist to help him refine a blood condensing pill.

The blood condensing pill was a middle tier seventh-grade pill. It could help a warrior quickly suppress any internal injuries and replenish their blood. It was considered a necessary pill for any warrior. The man needed a seventh-grade alchemist to refine twenty pills. The materials needed for the pills would all be prepared by the man, and they were not allowed to fail more than five times! It meant that the man would only prepare twenty five portions of the materials.

What moved Jackie the most was the reward. It was clearly written that after the task was completed, the alchemist would be paid sixty-seven thousand spirit crystals!

The price was quite alluring.

After looking at that, Rudy excitedly whispered to Jackie, “That means that each pill is over three thousand spirit crystals. The price is quite decent, and most importantly, he wants twenty in one go. After refining it, we’ll be able to get sixty-seven thousand spirit crystals right away. Jackie, do you want to accept this?”

As Rudy said that, he seemed incredibly emotional.

Jackie sighed as he thought about it for a while before nodding, “It won’t need that much time anyway. There’s a time limit on it, saying we need to give out the goods in a week. It won‘t affect us too much if we stay here for an extra week.”

Rudy looked so excited that it seemed like he was the seventh-grade alchemist when he heard that Jackie was going to accept the assignment. Since they were already sure, then there was no need to hesitate.

Jackie said, “I’ll take up your business. You can close your stall now.”

The man slowly opened his eyes when he heard that. His sharp eyes gave Jackie a once over, stopping at the sixth-grade alchemist badge on Jackie’s chest.

He coughed lightly as he said raspily, “I hate unnecessary trouble the most. You‘re a sixth-grade alchemist, so how can you refine a middle-tier seventh-grade pill? Or do you have someone amazing behind you? If you’re not the one doing the refining, call the other guy over. I have to see the guy for myself, or I won’t be able to relax giving you the materials. Otherwise, I’d lose out on a lot if you end up failing in the end.”

Rudy was not happy to hear that, so he said with a frown, “So what if he‘s a sixth-grade alchemist. He might have a sixth-grade alchemist badge on, but he’s been a seventh- grade alchemist for a long time. He had been training in isolation before this, so he never took the test. If he hadn’t left for the Whirling World in a hurry, he would have a seventh-grade alchemist badge on his chest.”

There was some truth to those words, and they were meant to make the man accept the business quickly.

After the man heard Rudy’s explanation, he sneered in contempt.


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