No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2849

Rudy nodded frantically, “I won’t cause you any more trouble in the future. I swear!”

Jackie glanced at him and did not say anything else. Even if Rudy swore, he still did not think that Rudy would not make any more mistakes. After all, the guy never thought things through.

The market was a mess, and there were all sorts of things for sale, both good and bad. Jackie looked at everything to see if there was anything he liked.

As they walked, Rudy suddenly said, “You didn’t answer my question. Why are the prices so different from outside? Why are people still willing to buy them for such a high price?”

Jackie turned around and looked at Rudy helplessly.

The guy always asked things with a curious expression. If Jackie did not answer, Rudy would just keep on barking. Even if Jackie scolded him, he would still keep asking. To save himself any further trouble, Jackie patiently explained, “The Whirling World only allows warriors that are younger than sixty years old to enter. So many people entered in such a short time, and they can’t go out in two years.

Comparatively, the number of resources will be a lot shorter. The prices will naturally be different from the Hestia Continent. The price of pills rose by so much thanks to the lack of alchemists in the Whirling World. Even if they had brought their own supply of pills before they entered, it would already have been consumed. Alchemists are a very special profession. Normally, only those at a certain age can become a seventh-grade alchemists. Eighth-grade alchemists…”

As that was said, Rudy suddenly reacted to Jackie’s words, “I understand now! Pills are consumables, and they’ll eventually be depleted. Even if there are a lot of materials in the Whirling World, it’s impossible to do anything with them unless there are high-level alchemists around. That’s why the price of pills rose by so much!”

Jackie nodded, “It’s just a week in, and there’s still a long time away from the full two years. The further back it gets, the more pills will be used, and the more expensive pills will get. I thought about this before I entered the Whirling World. When the time comes, we can take out some time to refine pills and sell those pills for massive profits!”

Thinking about that, Jackie‘s lips curled up. Even though he had earned a pretty sum from the task hall, the number was still nothing compared to what he really needed.

He needed to take the chance to earn spirit crystals. Only with massive amounts of spirit crystals would he have the right to buy ninth-grade spirit crystals, which was his biggest goal in the Hestia Continent.

Rudy looked at Jackie curiously, “Jackie, you seem to really need spirit crystals? Is there something you need to buy?”

Even if Rudy was sometimes slow and made a lot of mistakes, he was not a complete idiot. After being with Jackie for so long, he knew Jackie quite a bit. Jackie seemed particularly obsessed with spirit crystals, never letting up any chance to earn more.


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