No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2848

The market was a location for deals that were left behind since ancient times. After getting the entry token, the information would be sent into the token holder’s mind. Everyone knew what the place was used for. Anyone who was looking for a deal would naturally enter.

After everything was explained, Rudy completely forgot about what he was thinking about earlier.

Jackie let out a sigh of relief.

Rudy had been fixated on Grayson’s matter, which Jackie was helpless to do anything about. He did not really want to explain too much to Rudy. Jackie felt like there was definitely something hidden behind everything.

Before they had a certain level of skill, he did not want to rush to uncover the mystery. There were some things that they could do nothing about even if they knew the truth. The two of them arrived at the market as they chatted.

At a glance, there were at least a thousand people there. Countless stalls were set up everywhere, and there were all sorts of things being sold. There were high-level technique manuals, various pills, and even some people offering to help in settling personal grudges.

There were all sorts of things on display, greatly surprising Rudy. As looked all around, he suddenly stopped and frowned, “Even though I don’t really know what’s going on outside, I still have some knowledge of things. I feel like the things on sale here are all quite expensive, some of them are being sold at several times their prices. There’s clearly a problem…”

After saying that, he was worried that Jackie would not believe him, so he pulled Jackie towards a stall by the path. He pointed at a pill there, “Look, isn’t that the snow pill?! Ten thousand spirit crystals is already an incredibly high price, but it’s being sold at twenty thousand here. The price is doubled! Isn’t that too absurd?!”

Rudy was incredibly confused as he frowned and asked.

Jackie reached out and pulled at Rudy speechlessly, not wanting him to be pointing everywhere.

The person at the stall had clearly seen Rudy pointing at him, and heard what Rudy said as well. He suddenly said unhappily, “What are you saying?! My prices are already the most reasonable in the tower. If you don’t believe me, go look around yourself. If you don’t want to buy anything, stop spouting nonsense! Even though we can’t fight in the tower, I can still make you pay after we get out!”

Rudy hid behind Jackie in shock, finally knowing some fear.

Jackie frowned and looked at the person, “Since you’ve already set up a stall, you should naturally be willing to have your prices be talked about. If you can‘t even bear to listen to that, then you shouldn’t set up the stall. Why do you care if I want to buy it or not? If you want to settle any grudges, then take out your entry token. Why don‘t we find an arena nearby to fight?”

That person‘s face darkened. He saw that Jackie had alchemist robes on, but still had an extraordinary aura about him. It was obvious that Jackie had an amazing background. Any alchemist who managed to enter the second level would either have the skills or the backing. That person just wanted to set up his stall for two more days and did not want any more trouble. So, he merely glared at Jackie angrily, not saying anything else.

Jackie was not someone merciless, and he did not want to waste any more time either. After looking at Rudy, he pulled Rudy toward the other parts of the market.

Rudy‘s head was lowered throughout as his face was full of regret. He felt like he had not been any help to Jackie recently, and was always holding Jackie back. He was not that smart, and would constantly do stupid things.

The market was not some place where he could just casually point around. He had not even lowered his voice earlier, letting the other guy hear everything. Anyone with just a bit of temper would definitely have gotten incited.

After the two of them walked for some distance, Jackie said coldly, “In the future, think things through before you do anything!”


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