No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2847

“However, even I know that we’d just be alerting the enemy before we need to if I do that. In the end, the consequences might be severe. It’s better if we properly plan on how we should approach him right now!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not really agreeing with Rudy’s thoughts. If it had been before, Jackie might not have bothered to explain things to Rudy, but Jackie already trusted him and saw him as one of his own, so he felt like he owed Rudy an explanation.

He reached out and patted Rudy on the shoulder, saying seriously, “We should talk about this another time. It’s enough that we know he’s in the Whirling World. There’s no need to question him for now.”

After he said that, Rudy could not take it at all. Grayson’s disappearance had been clawing at Rudy since he found out. He thought about it practically every day.

He looked over and said emotionally, “Why don’t you want to question him? What’s holding you back?”

Jackie turned and looked at the warriors on the second level around him, he said earnestly, “You have to always remember why we’re in the Whirling World. Grayson is definitely not here because of his own abilities, Phoenix Valley’s higher-ups must have allowed it. Even so, we shouldn’t get ourselves involved before we have a certain level of skill. Whether it be Elder Maurice or the other elders, or even Mr. Zayne, all of them will hide the truth to the end.”

“They were not willing to reveal anything to us at all, so there must be a massive plot behind this. Since that’s the case, the two of us will probably not be too involved in it. As long as it doesn‘t endanger us, we shouldn’t try to do anything against them for the moment. We should improve ourselves first.”

Rudy knew that Jackie was being very logical, but Rudy was not willing to remain silent and act as if nothing had happened.

Jackie sighed helplessly.

Just a look at Rudy’s expression revealed that Rudy was not willing to do so. However, he had to stop Rudy from doing anything. Since the higher-ups had hidden this massive secret, they could not show their hand before they were able to protect themselves.

Jackie knew that Rudy’s thoughts were complicated at that moment, so he pulled Rudy towards him, “Alright, let’s not think about all of that for now. I’ll bring you to the tower market. There are a lot of good things over there. We can even buy anything that catches our eye.”

After saying that, he ignored Rudy’s expression as he pulled Rudy towards the market. The market was at the westernmost end of the second level. It was a place that was unique to the second level.

The tower market was a small plaza. They were still a little bit away from the market, but they could see it from afar. It was filled with people as quite a few warriors headed toward that place. Everyone was talking to each other, asking about certain valuable goods and how many spirit crystals they cost.

Initially, Rudy was still filled with thoughts about the conversation earlier, but with the surrounding conversations getting louder, Rudy started to get curious.

He whispered into Jackie’s ear, “What’s this market? We can buy things there? Could the Whirling World be doing business with us warriors?”

Rudy was a bit confused.

When Jackie heard that, his lips twitched speechlessly, “The Whirling World has existed for countless years. How could there still be any life left to do business with us?!”

After saying that, Jackie patiently explained where the market came from. The Whirling World had existed for tens of thousands of years, and Thousand Leaves City had as well. No one knew what had happened between then and now. No matter what, everything from back then had been preserved. Even the arrays within the cities were not eroded by the passage of time.


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