No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2846

Since there was already another round of selections, there were much fewer people on the second floor than on the first. Rudy composed himself for a bit before turning around and saying seriously, “I saw Grayson just now…”

Those words caused Jackie to suddenly stiffen. He repeated in surprise, “You saw Grayson? Are you sure you weren’t seeing things?”

Jackie’s first thought was that Rudy was mistaken, mistaking someone else as Grayson. After all, Grayson had been gone for so long. Grayson had disappeared right after they entered Phoenix Valley.

Rudy sniffed as he frowned and thought for a long time, “I’m sure I wasn’t wrong. That person’s definitely Grayson, whether it was his figure or his face, I’m certain that it was Grayson! I can absolutely guarantee it!”

Rudy rarely said things with such conviction, so Jackie had to believe him. No wonder he looked like that.

Jackie frowned and turned to look at the passage they had just gone through. If Rudy was right, then Grayson should still be on the first level.

What shocked Jackie was the fact that Grayson was definitely a true and blue alchemist. Grayson did not have the skills to get into Thousand Leaves City, so someone must have brought him in.

Who brought him into Thousand Leaves City?

Before, they had gotten the same answer no matter where they asked. Everyone said that Grayson had already been locked up. It was because he had been the culprit behind the ambush that time since he had been the one to leak the information.

After hearing all of that, Jackie had not believed it immediately but did not question it either. After all, that ambush had been incredibly sudden. There were various spots that were incredibly questionable. If Grayson really had been the one to leak the information, many things would have been made clear.

Since he betrayed Phoenix Valley, how was he at the Whirling World?

After all, the Whirling World was closely tied to Phoenix Valley and the Unbreaking Pavilion. Jackie could still not figure out the reason.

Jackie took a deep breath as his expression darkened. If he added everything from before to what was happening now, everything became a mess. He could not figure anything out, but he still had to think about it. After all, the matter could very well involve the two of them.

Rudy frowned before he said with a conflicted expression, “I wanted to go grab him and asked what happened. However, I thought about it and held back. I keep feeling like something was off about Grayson, and did not want to expose myself in front of him. Before, he was the one with the secrets and hiding from us. Now we can be the ones who hide from him. Since I saw him, we can take the chance to catch him off guard!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Rudy with some praise. The guy was getting smarter. He was not as reckless as he was before, acting in accordance with his feelings no matter what he did.

Rudy pulled Jackie further inside. The two of them went through the crowd and found a corner.

He whispered, “If I’m really right, and that person is actually Grayson, then Phoenix Valley must be keeping a massive secret that can’t be known by anyone else. It might end up involving the two of us. I’m so anxious right now. I really want to go and grab him by the collar to ask him what’s happening.”


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