No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2845

Those words felt like a bucket of cold water was poured on that person. That person suddenly realized that someone with Jackie‘s talents could not possibly come from a small clan. Jackie had definitely been cultivated carefully by a big clan if he was so skilled.

The guy might actually not be afraid of the Compass Pavilion at all. That person felt like a large stone was on his chest, stifling his breathing as he could not say anything at that moment. Jackie looked on as that person’s face stiffened and let out a cold laugh before he turned around again.

There was a radiant red light as the token to the second level slowly fell into Jackie’s palm. Jackie smiled, not looking at the crowd anymore as he started to walk up the spectator stands. After winning that round, he did not want to bother remaining in the first level anymore.

When Jackie slowly walked up, the crowd’s discussions once again reached its loudest point. Everyone looked at Jackie with curious and shocked expressions, as if they wanted to see something from Jackie’s body.

“Where is Jackie actually from? Could he be from a ninth-grade clan? Or is he a chosen disciple of another eighth-grade clan?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve never seen him before. I’ve never heard of Jackie either. I’ve mostly heard of all the talented disciples before, and I’ve seen pictures of them too. There’s no one that’s even close to Jackie. He might just be the personal disciple of some powerhouse.”

“It’s getting more and more interesting. It looks like many incredibly talented warriors all entered the Whirling World. If even they‘ve entered, then the Whirling World must definitely have very valuable treasures inside. I can’t wait to continue looking!”

“What can you look for? You’d be lucky enough to survive two years in this world safely…”

No one was lowering their voices as they talked. After all, no one dared to say anything bad about Jackie at that point.

Whether it was praise or any other discussions, Jackie did not care at all. He merely cared about moving forward.

As Jackie stood next to Rudy, he was surprised to find that Rudy was frowning with a sour look on his face. His eyes were darting around, looking like he was thinking about something important.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he asked in a low voice, “Did something happen?”

With how Rudy usually was, Rudy would definitely have stood up happily to greet Jackie after he won so convincingly.

Rudy would probably also have shot back at all those insults that were targeted at Jackie earlier. Yet, he was acting far too strange at that moment. It was obvious that something had definitely happened.

Rudy sighed as his expression darkened. However, he did not answer Jackie immediately. Instead, he forcibly composed himself as he stood up and pointed far away. “Let’s leave this place first!”

The way to the second level was on the westernmost side of the first level. As long as they headed in that direction, they would arrive at the border between the two levels. With the entry token, they would naturally be able to enter.

Jackie was not in a hurry to ask what had happened.

When the two of them entered the second level, it was no longer as noisy as before due to the decrease in numbers. Only then did Jackie whisper, “What exactly happened? Even your expression has changed?”

Rudy took a deep breath, as he started to sway a little. He looked up at the layout of the second level. It was almost the same as the first level. There were also seven arenas, and each arena had a lot of space for spectators.


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