No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2844

“You’re not the only one who failed to see it. No one here managed to at all!”

Vincent had been in pain for long enough to finally control himself. He struggled as he widened his reddened eyes to glare at Jackie hatefully as if he wanted to rip Jackie to shreds. He panted loudly, saying after a long time, “I won’t let you off! You definitely used some sinister trick. You’re not an alchemist…”

In truth, Vincent did not really know what he wanted to say. It was just that his dignity did not allow him to admit that Jackie was strong. He refused to admit it despite all the evidence in front of him. Blood flowed out of his wounds as he slowly felt his energy draining away. His eyes started to blur as the barrier finally fell with a crack.

The disciples of the Compass Pavilion rushed over, and Jackie put his blade back with a bang,

Vincent fell heavily on the stage, and the disciples of the Compass Pavilion scrambled to help him up. His injuries were even worse than Vale’s, so much so that his life was already in danger. Those who knew medicine tried to check for his pulse, and their expressions changed abruptly.

The man looked up and glared at Jackie while he shouted, “How dare you? You actually tried to kill him! Are you not afraid of our clan’s revenge?”

Jackie snorted at those words, completely unperturbed. He did not want to bother with those idiots at all. He turned around and quietly waited for the token to fall into his palm.

That disciple saw that Jackie was ignoring him, and his face immediately twisted. He suddenly felt like he had been deeply humiliated as he stood up and continued shouting at Jackie, “The Compass Pavilion will not forget this. You were so ruthless this time, the Compass Pavilion will definitely make you pay. Remember this!”

Jackie took a slight breath as he slowly turned to look at that person. That person looked like he was speaking with the moral high ground, and Jackie absolutely hated people like him. “You’re the only ones allowed to do that? Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what Vincent said to me earlier? He said he wanted to make sure I begged for death before killing me. Is he the only one allowed to do that, while I’m not allowed to retaliate? If he’d already said that he would do so, he should have been prepared for similar consequences!”

The person’s expression darkened after hearing Jackie’s words. However, that person was incredibly arrogant. It was also because Jackie had an alchemist outfit on the whole time, causing the guy to feel like Jackie was just an alchemist.

The guy raised his voice, “Stop trying to talk your way out of it! Surely I don’t have to teach you the value of leaving yourself a way out. You’re the one who decided to act so ruthlessly, so don’t blame anyone else!”

Jackie laughed at those words. He felt like the group was completely beneath him. They only acted like they were better than everyone else because they were from Compass Pavilion.

They were the only ones allowed to look at others in disdain, and the only ones allowed to cross the line when dealing with others. When others fired back in a similar way, they felt like they had been ridiculed and wanted to take revenge several times over.

Jackie hated that sort of attitude the most. He coldly looked at that person and replied, “You’re the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. Do you think I’m scared of the Compass Pavilion?”


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