No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2843

The pain caused him to go crazy. He had suffered various injuries before, but they had never been as painful as what he was feeling then. It was as if he had been thrown into a pot of hot oil and cooked alive.

“What power is this?! Why is it injuring my soul?! Take it away! Take it away now! ” Vincent was grasping at straws at that moment.

The intense pain had caused him to forget all his earlier arrogance. He had said that he would have Jackie begging for death, but now he was asking for mercy from Jackie instead.

Jackie let out a smirk at his shouts before he said lazily, “Don’t you think you’re being really funny right now? You’re the one who said you would have me begging for death earlier, but now you want me to let you go. Do you think I will?”

Vincent’s mind was no longer working properly at that moment. He merely begged Jackie to let him off, even killing him would be better. The pain of his soul rotting away was too much for him to bear. He had never felt such pain before and he thinks that even the strongest man alive would not be able to bear that torture!

Jackie ignored all the pleas as the crowd fell into silence again. From the moment he easily destroyed the bird to him piercing Vincent’s chest in one strike, their eyes had all widened in disbelief.

They did not know what to say at that moment. Other than shock, they were not feeling anything else. It took a long time for them to react to what they had just seen.

Someone shouted loudly, “Who exactly is this Jackie? Is he a chosen disciple from some clan? Why is he so strong? Is he wearing alchemist’s robes to trick everyone?”

“Who knows? From what he‘s shown us today, he must be the disciple of a high level clan!”

“No wonder his words had been so harsh earlier. Even I was surprised but he was actually not putting on a show. He really did have the confidence and the skill to back it up!”

Those who were mocking Jackie earlier had their mouths shut at that moment. They were all afraid that what they had said earlier had been too harsh. Jackie had actually easily dealt with Vincent!

Vincent’s cries of agony were constantly heard from the stage. The disciples of the Compass Pavilion panicked as they rushed to the stage again. In just a few honors, they had lost twice, and both times were incredibly humiliating.

Vincent’s arrogant words had all been hit back at him, it was far too embarrassing. No matter how the disciples of the Compass Pavilion felt, they still carried Vincent away as fast as they could.

After all, they would definitely be punished when they got back if they did nothing! However, the arena could not judge that Vincent could no longer fight at that moment, so it kept the stage sealed.

Vincent continued twisting and turning in agony on the stage, causing everyone around them to shudder.

Everyone had been anticipating that Vincent would completely destroy Jackie with his skill, but Vincent had actually been no match for Jackie at all. They were on completely different levels!

“I can’t believe I couldn’t see it! I thought the guy was just pretending, but I was just being ignorant! Talent like this would shine no matter what clan they are from!”


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