No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2842

Jackie let out a slight laugh, not answering Vincent. Instead, he grabbed his sword with both his hands and raised his blade high up, slashing right at the head of the bird!

The black slash might not have any intense energy fluctuations, but it surged right at the bird!

The bird cried out again.

Jackie could even see a look of disdain in the bird’s eyes. The bird might just be an image of the technique Vincent had condensed, but it still carried Vincent’s emotions. After all, the technique was a middle-stage earth technique.

Vincent seemed to have reached the second stage of mastery, and was not far away from the third. He was definitely an inner disciple that was even higher ranked than Vale. The guy would probably end up becoming a chosen disciple in a short span of time. He definitely had a lot of potentials.

The thought flashed in Jackie’s head as Destroying the Void arrived right in front of the bird.

The bird spat out a sea of flames in disdain, but the slash did not seem to do much damage at all.

Vincent let out a sneer and a thought flashed in his mind. However, before the smile could even be wiped from his face, he heard a howl next to him…

He could not help but look up to see the flames that the bird sent out earlier had been sliced into two, dispersing into the surroundings. The slash had gone right through the bird’s head right after the bird launched the attack!

The bird cried out in agony. Even though it was formed of energy, it still contained a sliver of Vincent‘s soul!

The next second, the pain of a soul being destroyed wracked its body. Vincent’s eyes widened as the bird he was so proud of, that won every battle it fought, fell. The black, unassuming slash contained an unrivaled power within. It was enough to slice his bird into two!

His technique had been broken by Jackie so easily. It had only taken one strike for his bird to turn into energy, dispersing everywhere. Only the waves of heat proved that the technique was ever there.

Vincent widened his eyes as he looked at the scene in disbelief. He wondered if he was seeing things.

How could something so absurd happen to him?

That kid was clearly an alchemist, so how was his technique broken so easily?!

He was using a middle-stage earth rank technique, and it was already at the second stage of mastery. He was not far away from completing the third. Vale was nothing in his eyes, but Jackie had broken his technique!

Vincent shook his head crazily, refusing to admit that what he saw was real. However, before he could shout out anything, he felt a chill in his chest. He looked down to see a gray sword pierced through his chest. A wave of sharp energy suddenly started to rot his body. The pain caused him to lose all rationality.

With a chattering sound, Vincent’s wound started to turn black and rot at a visible pace. His soul had been torn apart at the same time.


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