No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2841

However, Vincent was even more unimpressed by everything. At that moment, he was already thoroughly crazed. He took a breath as his hands constantly moved, forming seal after seal. After that, a massive three-legged bird appeared behind him. The bird was covered in flames. It was at least twice the size of the one Vale had condensed!

That alone was proof that Vincent had not been bragging earlier. Vale really was no match for Vincent. If Vincent had been the one against Cody earlier, the victor would not have been certain.

Jackie estimated things in his heart, and felt like the two of them were probably about equal. The thought flashed in his mind as Vincent roared angrily, lunging forward like a diving eagle as he rushed right at Jackie. The heat waves hit Jackie before Vincent was there. It was incredibly hot, enough for the heat to distort the space around them again. Jackie was at the center of the heat waves. He felt a power that could light him up, get closer and closer!

Jackie remained calm as he formed seal after seal. Eighty Soul Swords were condensed by him in an instant, and all of them merged into a large blade that merged with his gray blade.

Jackie had already perfected Destroying the Void. That was why he did not really care that he was facing an inner disciple of an eighth-grade clan. If he used all his power, he might attract the attention of others. So, he had used twenty fewer Soul Swords. He heard a cry next to him.

The three-legged bird had raised its head. Its flaming eyes stared right at Jackie. Everyone around them looked on with widened eyes, afraid to miss anything interesting. They wanted to see Jackie falter and see Jackie completely trampled on by Vincent.

Someone started to shout, “This guy really is trying to mimic Cody! He’s actually standing in place. Is he really trying to attack those weak points? He doesn’t have the speed to do that, nor does he have the skill! Where did he get his courage from?!”

“That’s right! He’s just an ignorant country bumpkin. He thought that he could copy how someone else succeeded, ignoring his own skill!”

“Cody won because of his immense speed and the fact that he could hit all of those weak points so quickly. Those without the strength to do so wouldn’t be able to do anything even if they hit those weak points!

“There‘s only one reason for that. The weak points of the golden bird are only worth anything in the hands of the strong. Weaklings would not be able to deal a powerful enough blow to the bird even if they knew where to hit!”

At the moment, many of them agreed with that sentiment. If Jackie was doing what they expected, then Jackie would definitely lose. He would definitely be tortured by Vincent as well!

Vincent said with a face full of excitement, “You’re dead now, brat. As long as the bird hits you, even God wouldn’t be able to save you!”


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