No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2840

Vincent had never been so angered before. Even if he had heard harsher words or been mocked worse than this, he had never felt as angry as he had that day.

Jackie did not seem to care about him at all, even while Jackie mocked him. It was as if he was not worth Jackie’s notice at all. Being ignored while he was being mocked, he felt incredibly horrible.

Vincent’s lips twitched as he narrowed his eyes, staring at Jackie viciously as he shouted, “Did you hear their discussions earlier? I really do use the same technique as Vale, but don’t think that you can break the technique like how Cody did earlier. Let me tell you, this is impossible!”

Jackie’s lips twitched as he said nothing. He did not want to waste time on Vincent at that moment. It was just a fight. He had to go through many more fights later. This was just the first level of the Thousand Leaves Tower. He had never really thought much about the first battle.

Instead, Vincent seemed unrelenting, insisting on arguing with him. Jackie sighed as he said earnestly, “Why do you have so much to say? Why are you so sure that I’m thinking of doing that? How do you even know what’s on my mind?”

The way Cody broke the golden bird earlier was definitely interesting, but Jackie had never thought about following Cody and using the same method at all. However, Vincent was convinced that Jackie was planning to do so.

After hearing Jackie‘s words, he laughed arrogantly as he pointed at Jackie’s head, “You’re refusing to admit it? Everyone heard it. If you try to use the same method as Cody earlier, they’ll be the witness to it! How do you plan on explaining yourself then?”

Jackie frowned, not even wanting to bother Vincent. He felt like Vincent was already thoroughly obsessed, and would not listen no matter what he said. He did not want to bother dealing with someone like that. He could think however he wanted to.

Vincent laughed wildly as he continued, “Even if you plan on using the same method as Cody, you won’t be able to destroy the bird! I’m not Vale, and you’re not Cody. Even if Cody is the one standing in front of me today, he won’t be able to beat me, let alone you!”

As he said that, the disdain in Vincent’s eyes was incredibly evident. It was as if Jackie was just a bug that could be stepped on at any time in Vincent’s eyes.

Jackie sighed as he said, “Have you gone mad? You’re just wasting everyone’s time if you continue talking. There are still others waiting for their turn after this!”

Jackie did not want to waste his or anyone else’s time, especially on Vincent. Yet, at that moment, Vincent seemed intent on regaining his honor no matter what Jackie said.

Vincent sneered, “I won’t let you die so easily. You’ll pay for what you said earlier! You’ll die an incredibly painful death!”

It was a curse from the bottom of his heart. Jackie could no longer take it as he proceeded to pull out his sword from Mustard Seed. The gray blade caused a chill in everyone’s hearts.

The blade had taken countless lives, and the ones who died from the blade were mostly talented warriors!

It gave the blade an impressive aura around it even without any true energy being sent inside.


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