No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2839

“Furthermore, he did not want to tell anyone where he came from. He’s obviously a wandering warrior!”

Everyone present seeped into the conversation again. They seemed to be saying anything that was on their mind, and practically everything that could be said was said. However, the core of the conversations was still the same. All of them felt that Jackie thought that he could destroy the golden bird which was why he spoke so arrogantly, not caring for Vincent at all!

Rudy felt the flames of anger in his heart after hearing the constant discussions. None of these people knew anything, but they were just saying whatever they wanted to. It was despicable.

At that moment, he could not say anything and was forced to quietly wait by the side. After a good while, the discussions did not stop and instead became more intense. Everyone started to question where Jackie was from, not seeming like they would stop.

Rudy got more and more frustrated and angry as he listened on. He could not stop himself from whispering, “These idiots don’t know anything! They just know how to speak blindly!”

Jackie let out a slight laugh as he said casually and said, “There’s no need to care about them. Let them say what they want. It won’t change the results in the end.”

Time slowly ticked away. Match ninety ended, and ninety-one was about to start. Vincent stood up from the stands impatiently.

His eyes never left Jackie from the start. His eyes were filled with rage, wanting to rip Jackie apart. He already despised Jackie to the bone, even more so than those who challenged him earlier.

Jackie sighed as he stood up from his seat casually. He did not even bother looking at Vincent as he walked toward the stage.

Everyone was focused on Jackie as he was way too mysterious. No matter if he was putting on a show or not, he still managed to compose himself. He did not seem to care how angry Vincent was. Jackie did not even bother sparing Vincent a glance. It was as if he was a wild dog that had been tied up, only able to bark wildly.

On the stage, Jackie stood on the west while Vincent stood on the east side. The two of them stared at each other, tension incredibly thick. The silent crowd started to cheer again.

Some of them were cheering for Vincent, while there were those cheering for Jackie as well.

Rudy remained seated in his original position as he looked at Jackie with some worry. Even if he trusted that Jackie had the skills to beat Vincent, he was still worried before he saw the actual results.

Vincent let out a cold laugh as he looked at Jackie, “Don’t think I’ll be scared just because you’re acting like you don’t care! You just look like a joke in my eyes and nothing else! I don’t even need to tell anyone how trashy alchemists are. It’s something every warrior in the Hestia Continent knows. Are you worried I’ll cause trouble for your clan if you tell me where you’re from? Don’t worry about that, I’ll definitely make sure they pay the price with your life!”

Vincent even yearned to pull every hair out of Jackie and skin Jackie alive.

After hearing that, Jackie laughed coldly, “You’re just a joke to me. Where did you learn to speak like that?”

Vincent’s face reddened again at Jackie’s insults. His composure from earlier disappeared. He has never been mocked like that before that day. The person mocking him was even an alchemist!

Vincent took a deep breath as he forcibly quelled the flames in his heart!


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