No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2838

He turned to look at Vincent again as he said, “What does where I come from have to do with you? Why do you have so much to say?! Can you just shut up? Leave it all to the fight!”

After saying that, Rudy almost gave Jackie a thumbs up. Those words had successfully caused Vincent to pale. If Vincent continued to speak, it would make Vincent seem unreasonable. After all, Jackie already said to leave everything to the fight!

Vincent was forced to swallow his words as he looked at Jackie furiously.

He was already thinking about how he would torture Jackie when they are on the stage later! He would not give Jackie any chance of surrendering. He would not let Jackie die so easily either. He would properly torture Jackie until he was begging for mercy. Then, he would kill Jackie in one blow when he was at his lowest!

Rudy whispered to Jackie, “You’re amazing in every way. You’re even talented with your words. I was almost angered to death by you back then, but now that it’s on others, I feel so happy…”

As he spoke, his shoulders constantly shook in laughter. Jackie let out a small laugh, not saying anything as he waited quietly.

His words earlier were all for the sake of shutting Vincent up. Vincent had definitely gone quiet, but the discussions around them did not stop.

“Is there really something wrong with this guy’s head? Doesn’t he know the consequences that await him? Or did he already think of a way to deal with Vincent? Maybe he’s just really confident in his abilities. He might feel like he’ll be able to win, or at least be Vincent’s equal?”

“He’s just an alchemist, how could he possibly be Vincent’s equal? He‘s probably just crazy. How could he have said all that if he wasn’t?”

“I think he’s just accepted his fate. He would die when he gets on the stage anyway, so he decided to just anger Vincent a bit to make himself feel better.”

After that person spoke, everyone nodded. They felt like that was probably what Jackie was trying to do. Otherwise, there was no reason for him to talk back against Vincent.

“I actually don’t think that he’s making empty threats. Maybe he actually did figure out how to deal with Vincent?”

“You’re really something else. Aren’t skill and strength the most important things in a fight?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry to deny me. Just think about who‘s in the same clan as Vincent. Vale had already shown his most favored skill in the golden bird. I heard someone tell me that Vincent uses the bird as well. Since the two of them use the same technique, then as long as Jackie’s as fast and accurate as Cody, it’s not impossible for him to destroy the bird!”

That person’s words suddenly attracted everyone’s attention. Some people started to whisper among themselves, feeling like Jackie was acting like that because Jackie actually had tricks up his sleeve that allowed him to deal with his opponent.

He wanted to mimic Cody and use the same means to destroy the golden bird, which was why he talked so much! Many of them agreed with the sentiment but did not think Jackie could do it.

Some even laughed wildly as they said, “This guy is obviously stupid. Cody could destroy the golden bird thanks to his skills. If Cody was not that strong, there was no way he could have destroyed the golden bird even if he knew its weakness without Vale even being able to react!”

“You’re right! He’s a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion, while this guy is just an alchemist that’s slightly stronger than usual. Everyone knows that alchemists don’t really practice martial arts. They put most of their focus on alchemy. There’s no way they could be that strong!”


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