No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2837

However, right as he thought that Jackie would remain silent, Jackie suddenly turned to look at Vincent.

“I’m ignoring you because I think you’re a complete idiot. It’s a waste of time talking to an idiot like you! I just can’t believe that you’re so brainless that it makes me sick. I ignored you, and you still decided to yap away!”

Jackie’s words successfully pulled everyone into a strange silence. After the match between Vale and Cody, a new set of warriors quickly went on stage, and everyone started to cheer for them.

Yet, Jackie’s words had even stopped those cheers. Everyone turned around as they looked at Jackie strangely, wondering if he had gone crazy.

Jackie was calling Vincent an idiot?

Did Jackie not know that Vincent was from an eighth-grade clan and an inner disciple of the Compass Pavilion?

There was something wrong with his head. Why was he challenging Vincent without any fear?!

Even Vincent was stunned by Jackie‘s words. He never expected that Jackie would even dare to answer him with harsher words than he had used. Vincent trembled in anger as he pointed right at Jackie’s face, “What did you say?!”

Jackie’s lips twitched as He rolled his eyes, “Are you deaf or something? Did you not hear what I said earlier? It’s fine if you didn’t, I don’t have the time or energy to repeat myself for an idiot. You can just ask those around you.”

Jackie’s string of words rendered everyone silent again. He did not seem to care about what he was saying at all as if Vincent really was a complete idiot in his eyes. He merely said what was in his mind, and everyone around him widened their eyes, not knowing what to say.

It took a long time before someone spoke, “Hey, are you crazy? Why are you angering Vincent like this? Once you get on stage later, you might be tortured to death. Aren’t you afraid of dying?”

“That’s right! Aren’t you afraid of dying?”

Everyone started to ask Jackie if he was afraid of dying.

Jackie did not answer them and merely turned his head away to look at the stage again. He just wanted all of them to shut up. He did not want to waste any time talking to them.

Vincent’s face was fuming in anger, feeling like his honor had been spat upon. He immediately stomped his feet.

How could he tolerate such behavior?

Vincent had always been someone who really cared about his reputation, and was incredibly arrogant.

Vincent shouted, “You‘re a mere alchemist, and you dare to act so arrogantly. Are you daring enough to tell me where you’re from? I want to see what clan’s alchemist would dare challenge me like that!”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. It seemed like Vincent did not just want to kill him, but also cause trouble for where Jackie was from. Vincent really was easily angered.

Jackie snorted. He had not wanted to care about Vincent, but Vincent was just like an annoying fly that was constantly sticking around him.


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