No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2836

Jackie sighed as he looked at Joe in frustration.

Joe had already thoroughly angered Jackie. Although the two of them previously had a conflict outside the city gates, and Joe had said those disgusting things to Jackie, but Jackie did not really care about it at all.

Jackie decided to forget about it, not wanting much to do with Joe, but he never expected that Joe would cause him trouble at such a time. Jackie sighed again, adding someone else to his list of must-kill. He really could not afford to just forget things. When it came to people like that, he had to make them pay with their lives whenever he had the chance. Otherwise, they would just bring him an immense amount of trouble!

Many gazes were directed toward Jackie after Joe pointed him out. Everyone merely looked at Jackie with interest.

Earlier, Jackie had not said anything when Joe was shouting around. They felt like it was because he was afraid, and felt that Vincent was right as well. Jackie had on an alchemist’s robes. He did not look like he was from the big city as well. Someone like that would definitely be terrified if they faced Vincent.

“Who’s that? Does everyone know him? Where is he from? He’s wearing an alchemist’s robe. Could he actually be an alchemist?”

“An alchemist actually passed the entry requirements? It looks like he does have some skills to be able to pass. However, he’s still an alchemist, in the end, there’s no way he can compare to an inner disciple from an eighth-grade clan. This kid is so unlucky!”

“I can just imagine how badly he’s going to be beaten up, but there’s no way around it. No matter where you are, the strong rule over the weak. Only the strong are able to survive. If you have no skill and no background, you’ll just be trampled over! If this kid knows what to do, and tries to curry some favor, his life might be spared.”

Everyone might be discussing things among themselves, but the gist of it was all the same. Not a single one of them felt that Jackie would be able to get out unscathed. There were even those who were starting to advise Jackie to give in and try to curry some favor to calm down Vincent’s anger. He might be able to survive the match if he did that.

There were those who asked Jackie to surrender quickly.

Rudy‘s lips twitched, obviously wanting to say something to defend Jackie at that moment. After going through so much, he already had a different attitude toward things. He knew that there was no point in saying anything.

Jackie sighed helplessly, not wanting to argue with Vincent. It was not that Jackie was afraid of Vincent, but if he answered Vincent, the two of them would not stop arguing.

There was still some time away from their match, and arguing would take up a lot of effort. However, Vincent was obviously not going to let Jackie off easily. Those ignorant fools who shouted at him while he was on the stage before had thoroughly angered Vincent.

Vincent’s anger was at its peak. Even if Jackie did not respond, he was not going to let things go.

He smiled coldly and said, “If you’re so scared, you shouldn’t have come into the Whirling World in the first place! The Whirling World isn’t a place for you alchemists. I hate cowards that don’t speak like you. Do you think I’ll let you off just like that? The less you say, the more I want to kill you. I’ll make sure I beat you until you’re begging for mercy! I won’t spare you no matter how badly you beg!”

Vincent was venting out his anger. After all, that brat in front of him looked to have no skills or background. He could say anything he wanted. The guy would not dare to say a single thing.

Vincent’s words got worse and worse, and Rudy was not able to hold it in anymore. Even though his mind told him not to say anything at that moment, he could no longer stand what Vincent was doing.

He abruptly stood up from his seat, wanting to shout back. However, Jackie reached out and stopped him.

Jackie shook his head at Rudy, motioning for Rudy not to speak. Rudy was forced to sit down awkwardly, feeling like he had been angered a lot that day.


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