No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2835

Most of the audience was not too noteworthy.

Compared to Vincent, they were far weaker. Even if they had been so arrogant earlier, they could not deny Vincent’s strength. Being able to become an inner disciple and to be considered Vale’s senior meant that he was someone extraordinary.

“I don’t know who that unlucky guy is, but I’ll mourn for him in advance. It looks like the arena is going to be bathed in blood again.”

“Maybe Jackie’s from a large clan. If that’s the case, he’ll be able to keep his life.”

“Have you ever heard of a disciple from a big clan called Jackie? I sure haven’t…”

Everyone began talking about Jackie. Some felt bad for him, but more of them were happy about his misfortune. After all, they were just spectators.

Rudy pulled at Jackie‘s shirt. “I now know why you didn’t tell me who your opponent was. It’s Vincent. We’re quite lucky to have met him. Are you stronger than he is?”

Rudy was quite confident of Jackie’s skills, but he did not know Jackie’s true strength overall. When it came to things like this, he was always full of questions.

He did not have the confidence in that question. He was afraid that Jackie would tell him that he was unsure of himself, or that Jackie would die if he went into the arena.

Jackie looked at Rudy helplessly. “Before you ask that, can you think of who I’ve faced before this?”

Jackie’s words gave Rudy a reminder. A few images flashed in Rudy‘s mind. When he remembered all the things that had happened before, he let out a sigh of relief as he gained more confidence in Jackie.

Jackie completely ignored Vincent’s shouts. Even if Vincent lost his voice shouting, he would not answer. If he exposed himself at that moment, Vincent would no doubt run his mouth and talk nonsense, like an annoying fly buzzing at his ear. He hated unnecessary arguments like that. He would rather have a proper fight than an argument.

Jackie did not want to bother with him, but Vincent never stopped. When no one answered, Vincent started to suspect that Jackie was not at that arena.

Just as he was about to go to a different arena, a familiar figure stood up from the stands, pointing right at Jackie. “This is Jackie!”

Jackie frowned, not expecting that Joe was not far away from him. After sitting among the spectators, Jackie had not paid much attention to his surroundings other than glancing down a few times.

Joe pointed Jackie out in front of everyone before he pulled his hand back. After that, he huffed as he sat back down, not saying anything else.

Being pointed at among the crowd, Vincent naturally looked toward Jackie. He narrowed his eyes slightly as a dangerous look flashed in them. He looked at Jackie like he was looking at prey, seemingly about to pounce at his throat at any moment.

“So you’re Jackie! Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me shouting for you? Are you scared? So what if you are? You can’t refuse to get in the arena. If you do that, the laws will have you killed immediately!”


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