No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2834

He might not be skilled and was probably the weakest among the weak, but he at least had some basic knowledge.

No one here was united. There was not a person among them that would truly dare do anything against a disciple of an eighth-grade clan. After all, they could only be in the Whirling World for two years. The moment two years passed, nothing good would await them if news of this battle and its outcome were to spread. An order to kill them might even be issued.

They were merely chatting away, saying anything that came to their minds at that moment. In truth, not a single one of them would dare to do anything. That was the tragedy of the weak.

Rudy said helplessly, “Is this what it’s like being weak?”

Jackie turned and glanced at Rudy. “Isn’t that obvious?”

Rudy immediately shut his mouth. After a period of silence, Rudy finally got serious. He turned and looked at Jackie earnestly. “The match is over. Are you going to queue up now?”

After watching the match, Rudy decided to stop dwelling on his thoughts. He wanted to go up to the second level to look at what was there.

Jackie nodded, taking out his entry token. The purple entry token glowed in a purple glow. He used his true energy, putting the energy into the token. The token let out another glow as information was transmitted into his head.

Rudy widened his eyes. “Have you queued up? Which arena will you be in? Which battle are you? Who‘s your opponent?”

Speechless, Jackie raised an eyebrow as his lips twitched.

Rudy, noticing Jackie’s expression, was overtaken with emotions as he grabbed Jackie’s arm and shook it.

“Tell me! Is your opponent a difficult one? Who could give you a difficult time?”

Jackie sighed, not knowing what to say. Eventually, he shrugged and replied, “It’s at this arena, match number ninety-one.”

“Ninety-one? Cody‘s match was the eighty-third, and that means it’s almost your turn. I thought that we’d have to wait for a long time. I was worried we‘d have to wait till tomorrow!”

Jackie nodded before saying, “Those people really know how to brag. There aren’t that many people who are queueing up. Everyone seems to just want to watch the show, staying for a few days at the first level. After they have their fill playing around, they‘ll queue up.”

At that moment, an angry roar was suddenly heard from afar, “Who‘s Jackie?!”

That demand was screamed with unrestrained fury, as if whoever said it held an immense grudge against Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he turned to look in the direction of the voice, and Rudy similarly turned, baffled.

Was it one of the people they had a conflict with when they entered the city?

However, those people had clearly been shocked by Jackie, and they would not possibly trouble Jackie after entering the Thousand Leaves Tower.

The two of them looked over, and could not help but be stunned when they recognized that man all too well. It was Vincent, the man who shouted at everyone when he was on stage.

Vincent, meanwhile, looked around at all the spectators, trying to find Jackie.

At that moment, everyone realized that Vincent had queued up, and his opponent was someone called Jackie. They began mourning for Vincent’s opponent.

At that moment, the Compass Pavilion needed an incredible victory. It needed to be an absolute victory that came at the cost of their opponent‘s life. Only then would they be able to wipe away the humiliation they had gone through. At the very least, they would be able to win a bit of their honor back. On top of that, Vincent had shouted at all the spectators. The person who fought against Vincent would surely face his full wrath.

Not everyone was as skilled as Cody.


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