No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2833

Each time a participant climbed another level, they would be given a token of passage.

Receiving this token, Cody could not fight back the grin on his face. Even though it was just a simple battle, he did not just win that battle, he also obtained honor from his clan. The elders would surely reward him once he returned to the clan. He was incredibly happy as he slowly walked off the stage.

Jackie let out a sigh as he turned to look at the spectators that were slowly cooling down. These people had been so riled up during the match, and the warriors only remembered the most exciting points, forgetting Vincent’s unsuppressed rage.

Based on Vincent’s temper, he would no doubt get back at those who ridiculed him and his clan. Even if those warriors did and said nothing to provoke him, Vincent would still be ruthless. It was not just Vincent, of course, the other disciples of the Compass Pavilion would do that as well. After all, the Compass Pavilion’s honor had been tainted during that last battle, and it was only natural they would try to regain their dignity.

It was not just Jackie who realized that, but the other more even-minded people within the audience as well.

“Good luck to whoever’s meeting the disciples from the Compass after this. You guys were so immersed in all that cheering and shouting while the disciples of the Compass Pavilion were so humiliated! They’d want to win back some of their honor. It’s not that easy to meet their disciples, and it’s more likely for us wandering warriors of lower-level clans to meet them!”

“That’s right! Quit thinking about getting some cheap thrill. Don’t forget the group of disciples from the Compass Pavilion that came out earlier. All of them can’t be trifled with, especially that guy called Vincent. He’ll surely be ruthless against anyone after these fools provoked them!”

Slowly, the people began absorbing the truth. However, even if they agreed, not many of them thought anything of it. After all, there were a lot of people in attendance, and the Compass Pavilion did not have nearly as many disciples. It was an incredibly small chance to encounter them.

Woe would be the person who encountered them, for they would be met with death. It had nothing to do with most of them, though, so all they cared about was their temporary fun.

Some of them even said loudly, “Those words at Vincent weren’t wrong earlier! It was clearly them who were lacking in skill. They decided to shout at us just because they couldn’t beat the Unbreaking Pavilion! Why do we need to tolerate that?”

“That’s right! Even if they’re from eighth-grade clans, they’re vastly outnumbered. If they keep challenging us, we’ll just attack them as a group. Should we be afraid of them?”

The discussions were incredibly intense, and a collective sentiment started to form. When they were in the Hestia Continent, they always felt like they were beneath the disciples of high-grade clans. After all, they had a lot of resources, and their talents and futures were promising as well. Most importantly, they had an incredibly powerful clan to back them up.

The wandering warriors had no power or skill to go up against those disciples, but it was different here.

The Whirling World had its restrictions, and the forces backing them could not enter the Whirling World. Even if their individual skills were incredibly strong, there were more wandering warriors and disciples of lower-grade clans. As long as they worked together, disciples of the high-grade clans stood no chance!

They even started to feel arrogant, wanting the disciples from the more notable clans to submit to them!

Rudy just felt a deep sense of amusement from hearing everything.


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