No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2832

Vale had even threatened Cody by saying there was still a lot of time left, and Cody was not one to let things slide. Cody was, however, the type to get back at his offender several times over when provoked.

The disciples of the Compass Pavilion hurriedly helped up Vale. Just as they were preparing to leave the stage, Cody purposely raised his voice, wanting everyone to hear him, “If you’ve lost, you’ve lost. Do you need to be such a sore loser? All that bragging yet you’re still so weak in the end, yet you dare say you’ll get back at me? How shameless can you be? Do you think the Unbreaking Pavilion has no powerful individual just because you have strong disciples with you? For so many years, the Unbreaking Pavilion has stood over the Compass Pavilion. When have you ever won?”

The audience immediately responded as their cheers got louder, cheering for the Unbreaking Pavilion.

After all, Cody from the Unbreaking Pavilion had won, and warriors only cared about the victor. They did not care for those who tried to salvage their honor after defeat.

Hearing the people’s contemptuous jeers, the expressions on the faces of the disciples of the Compass Pavilion soured.

At that moment, the disciple of the Compass Pavilion who stood at the front suddenly shouted, “I will admit, the Compass Pavilion is slightly weaker than the Unbreaking Pavilion. Regardless, the Compass Pavilion is still an eighth-grade clan! What are you insignificant worms crying out about?!”

At that moment, a few disgruntled shouts were heard in retaliation.

“Why are you trying to be so stubborn? In the end, the Compass Pavilion has been defeated! Even if the Compass Pavilion is an eighth-grade clan, it doesn’t mean that all of you are strong. So many wandering warriors and disciples of clans are gathered here, and no doubt some of us are capable of going toe-to-toe against you. If you don’t believe it, just wait and see! “

“That’s right! Why are you so arrogant toward us? You just think we‘re weaklings you can push around! The Compass Pavilion is strong, sure, but you use that strength to bully others without remorse. It doesn’t mean the disciples of the Compass Pavilion are all stronger than us!”

After the disciple at the front heard that, he was so angry that his face reddened. His hands trembled slightly as he started to breathe more heavily. He was already at the limits of his anger.

Behind him came an anxious voice, “Don’t waste any more time on them, Vincent! There’s no point arguing with these insignificant guys. We need to get Vale treated!”

Vincent turned to look at his fellow disciple angrily, before looking at the unconscious Vale. He scowled, “Vale is an utter embarrassment!”

Jackie glanced at the angered Vincent from the stands, not agreeing with his behavior at all. It was useless, even if he tried to fight for Compass Pavilion’s reputation.

Warriors never bothered with words. Gaining a massive victory was the best way to silence the non-believers. Vincent and the others did not stop at the arena as they left with Vale in tow, leaving only Cody on stage. Cody waved at the air, and a radiant red light fell from the skies.

The red light fell into Cody’s palm. Once the light faded, a red token appeared in front of everyone. It was the token to get through to the second stage.


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