No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2831

“He’s so strong! Cody really is so strong! He is no doubt an inner disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. I’ve never seen any inner disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion fight before, so this was an eye-opener!”

“I can’t compare to him. Vale was strong, but he was no match for Cody!” Jackie heard it all, and to him, it was too much noise.

At that moment, a few disciples wearing the clothes of the Compass Pavilion rushed through the crowd and ran to the arena, seemingly furious. As they pushed the crowd away, they showed no signs of civility. The surrounding warriors were angered, but everyone held their tongue. After all, the Compass Pavilion was an eighth-grade clan. They might not amount to much against the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion, but they were significant before most of the warriors there.

These disciples rushed to the stage with fervor, but the arena had been shielded by the laws. They were not able to enter before the time was up!

Vale struggled as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Even though Cody did not reap his life, the injury he sustained was nothing to scoff at. Vale struggled to raise his head as his eyes reddened.

He glared at Cody as anger and shame sizzled in the pit of his stomach. He was full of negative thoughts in his head. It was not his image and pride that he minded, it embittered him because this battle involved their respective clans.

He had lost, and his clan had been humiliated. His anger grew the longer he entertained the thought. He spat out another mouthful of blood.

Cody raised an eyebrow as he casually spoke, “Are you not going to surrender? The barrier hasn’t fallen, so the laws see that you can still fight. If you refuse to surrender, then I’ll attack again. Don’t blame me if you die because I was too heavy-handed then. Even if you have any complaints in hell, you need to know that you caused your demise.”

Vale gritted his teeth in fury. “You despicable person! You deliberately said all that to anger me! I won’t let you off. Don’t think you’re fine just because you got to the second level. There’s still a long time, and we’ll be waiting for you after this! I don’t represent the might of the Compass Pavilion. I lost and embarrassed my clan today, but that’s because I was too weak! My fellow disciples will make up for my mistakes in the future!”

“Remember what you’ve said, Cody. Don’t regret it later!” screamed Vale, which, in the process, caused his fatigue to worsen.

At that moment, the barrier around the arena suddenly cracked as the power separating it from the outside world disappeared.

Vale had been judged to no longer have the ability to fight on, and with results determined, the barrier collapsed. The moment the barrier fell, the disciples of the Compass Pavilion who were surrounding it rushed forward. All of them had steely looks on their faces. Unable to change the result of what happened, they were forced to carry their fellow disciple down for treatment.

Vale fell unconscious after using the last of his strength to say his piece.

Cody sneered at this, and he could not help but feel Vale was far too annoying for his good. Even after losing the match in such an embarrassing manner, he still attempted to regain his honor so pathetically.


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