No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2830

Nonetheless, many eyes were on Cody, and he could not afford to worsen the relationship between their two clans. He could not cause a rift between the clans just for a moment of excitement. Of course, he did not let Vale get away unscathed. Vale would be rendered useless for a good few months after that strike.

Cody’s speed had stunned everyone, especially the last three strikes that no one had been able to react to. They felt chills down their spines, and some of them were even rendered speechless by the shock. Prodigies looked amazing, wherever they were.

The crowd was mixed, with about half of them being wandering warriors and half of them being disciples of clans. Regardless of who they were, however, most of them were average in skill. They started to get excited after seeing such shocking attacks.

“My god! Cody is so strong! He managed to undo Vale’s strongest attack in three strikes, all while looking composed from the start. It’s just like he said, Vale was nothing to him.”

“That’s right! I underestimated him big-time. I thought that he was at the same level as Vale and that it‘d be an intense battle. I never expected Cody to be so strong. He seemed to know the bird’s weak point incredibly quickly. He attacked so swiftly before Vale could even react, destroying the bird immediately!”

“It’s so frustrating comparing myself to him. Even though Cody’s incredibly strong, Vale was no slouch either. I was up there, I’d be done before I could even launch a second attack!”

Their discussions filled the air, but Jackie remained as calm as usual.

Rudy widened his eyes as he gaped slightly, not knowing what to say. He turned to look at Jackie somewhat reluctantly.

“How are you always able to get it right?”

Jackie let out a light laugh as he calmly answered, “You’ll understand in time. The results of this battle weren’t that hard to guess, though. Calm yourself and observe their slightest reactions. You’ll be able to see who’s more confident then.”

Rudy nodded earnestly, feeling like Jackie was right, but he asked again, “But the warriors gathered around us have all probably been through many battles as well. Why couldn’t they see it? All of them seemed rather confident in their guesses, yet most of them turned out wrong. Even those who were right merely guessed without assurance.”

Jackie calmly answered, “Didn’t I already say it? You need to have a calm mind. Just look around you. Other than a few exceptions, most of them are all riled up from the atmosphere of battle. How could they calm down to see who’s stronger?”

Rudy slapped his thigh. “You got a point. Everyone was too emotional at the moment!”

Rudy then looked around him. Even though the battle had ended, the excitement did not leave the people. The unexpected result merely threw them into silence before they burst into discussions once more.

The result had been out of their expectations, but it was enough to excite them. After all, Cody’s final attack was beautiful. Compared to the emotional Vale, Cody had control over himself the whole time.

Even though Vale had used all his true energy to launch his strongest attack, Cody still saw it coming. Cody had launched the last three strikes all too calmly, correctly hitting all of the golden bird’s weak points.


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