No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2829

Vale wanted to go all-out. He would make his opponent eat his words, and then some!

The crowd was abuzz again, but the difference was that the disciples of the Compass Pavilion, who had been enraged initially, slowly fretted at the situation. It was plain from an outside view that Cody had said all that earlier with the sole intention of angering Vale and making him lunge.

It was obvious that Cody had planned something else, but it was too late to do anything. Vale had already made his move, and no amount of warnings or yells could reach him at this moment.

Rudy, too, felt like something was wrong as he mumbled, “Cody is a little too good at getting under people’s skin…”

Vale shouted angrily as he formed seals with his hands. Red runes constantly flowed between his fingers as a vibrant golden bird formed again. The bird cried out as its wings flapped. Heat waves were sent out of his body as even the surrounding air started to distort from the heat.

The spectators closer to the stage retreated as sweat dripped down from their heads.

To deal his strongest blow, Vale used up all the true energy in his body. In turn, the golden bird behind him was almost twice the size of the one before!

Compared to how frantically Vale was acting, Cody was noticeably much calmer. He merely grabbed the spear tightly with both his hands with a resolved look on his face.

“Die!” screamed Vale as he shot right at his opponent as fast as a cannonball.

Cody snorted as he lunged forward, rushing right at the three-legged bird. This time, he had a change of plan. He did not face Cody directly and instead rushed upward toward the bird!

Everyone’s eyes widened as he struck with his spear repeatedly at the neck, abdomen, and left claw of the bird. His speed was so terrifyingly quick that only afterimages could be seen. Even Vale had failed to react!

An explosion was heard mere moments later.

Vale had only managed to react when his true energy was already too unstable for him to control, and Cody obliterated his golden bird with a strike at its vital point.

Under normal circumstances, Vale would never have given his opponent the chance to strike at his technique’s weakest points even if his opponent saw through it. However, Cody had been far too quick.

Cody had been so swift that no one could react before the attack was done. The golden bird had been destroyed in three strikes, dispersing into energy.

Vale’s eyes widened as he looked over in disbelief.

Cody merely sneered, believing that showing mercy was just opening himself up to be backstabbed. With that, he struck with his spear again, spearing Vale’s stomach.

Everyone heard a crack as Vale’s whole body was sent flying in one strike toward the pillar at the stage quickly. With a loud impact, Vale crashed right into the pillar and slowly slid toward the ground as blood seeped from the corner of his lips. His bones were completely snapped as he suffered numerous internal injuries. This was only with Cody holding back.

With Cody’s temper, he could have killed Vale off with one blow. After all, Vale had been too prideful before with his arrogant words.


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