No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2828

Cody’s words were downright provocative toward the Compass Pavilion. He had wanted to quickly end the fight for the Compass Pavilion’s reputation, but he never expected the attack to end up with a draw, even when he did not hold back.

This, in turn, made Cody worry. However, he did not care about anything else at that moment as a thought flashed across his mind. No matter what price he had to pay, he had to win this battle. It was not just a personal victory but also for the sake of his clan’s reputation!

Rudy, meanwhile, was entirely focused on alchemy, and the battle between Cody and Vale was merely something for him to watch. He could only see that the two of them seemed evenly matched, and a true victor could not be determined at this point.

He listened as the crowd continued to talk. Some of them said that Vale was stronger, while others said that Cody was no weakling and that he would come out as the winner. Various judgments were cast at that moment, which caused Rudy’s ears to buzz listening to all of it.

He could not help but turn to glance at Jackie. All he saw was Jackie looking at the arena calmly, his expression undisturbed. It was as if he would not even bat an eye if someone died in the arena.

Rudy did not truly trust everyone else‘s judgment, but he would with Jackie’s.

He whispered and asked, “Jackie, who do you think will win?”

Jackie pointed at Cody and replied, sounding rather sure of himself, “Cody seems to have the advantage.”

This stunned Rudy. After all, both of them had taken a step back after the clash. It did not seem like Cody had gained much of an advantage, so why did Jackie say that Cody had the upper hand?

Jackie did not want to explain himself, but Rudy looked at Jackie with wide eyes. He even looked like he would ask more if he did not get an answer, and this made Jackie frown helplessly.

“Cody obviously seemed much more relaxed after the two of them clashed. It doesn‘t seem like he used his full power,” Jackie explained calmly.

Rudy, not agreeing with Jackie’s opinion, asked with furrowed eyebrows, “Are you looking at their expressions? How could you determine who’s stronger between them like that? After all, everyone’s different, so even their expressions…”

“Just shut up for now,” interrupted Jackie curtly. “There’s no way to prove anything even if we talk about it more. Just wait and look at the results.”

Rudy’s mouth stiffened as he reluctantly closed his lips.

The battle stopped for a moment as Cody and Vale stood at their respective sides, staring at each other. They were only pausing for a moment to look for weak points, but Jackie felt like Vale seemed to be in a panic at that moment.

Vale inhaled deeply, hiding his feelings as he raised his head. His anger at that moment was evident in his reddened eyes.

Cody snorted as he raised his eyebrow. “Aren’t you going to attack again? Are you scared now?”

Vale’s hands trembled as he nearly exploded with curses. Cody was downright infuriating! Everything he said made his temper soar.

Vale snorted loudly and said, “You’re talking about me? Do you think I’m the only one in the arena? You haven’t attacked me at all, so what right do you have to criticize me?”

Cody laughed, not taking it to heart. “I’m giving you a head-start. After all, you’re nothing to me. If you still refuse to attack, the spectators might call you out for wasting time!”

Vale had still been able to compose himself and not let Cody’s words get to him earlier, but upon hearing those words, Vale almost lost his sanity.

Vale let out an angered roar and rushed forward again!


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