No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2827

Cody lightly snorted as he sneered, disagreeing with what was said.

“You should be telling yourself that. The Compass Pavilion might be an eighth-grade clan like the Unbreaking Pavilion, but everyone here knows that the Compass Pavilion’s title is a hollow one. They’re a level below our clan. Don’t think that you can challenge me so carefreely just because our clans sound like they’re equals!” snapped Cody.

He was not just targeting Vale but was also insulting the whole Compass Pavilion.

Vale was so furious that his face reddened and his lips twitched. There were a lot of people in attendance, including the disciples of the Compass Pavilion. When they heard Cody saying such foul words about them, they started to shout indignantly.

Vale pointed right at Cody. “You’re full of crap! The Unbreaking Pavilion is just slightly stronger than the Compass Pavilion. Just give us a bit of time, and we’ll make up for the difference!”

Exasperated, Jackie’s lips twitched. He never expected that these two would start arguing. He hated those who go on ranting without any reason, there was no point at all. It was better to let their fists talk.

Both Vale and Cody eventually stopped, probably because both sides had been critical of each other. It was not out of peace, however, as they sprang into action and attacked one another.

Vale let out a furious roar as he pulled out a golden sword from his spatial ring. A ball of fire shot out from his body which enveloped him.

Everyone heard the cry of a bird after that as a three-legged golden bird appeared behind Vale. The bird opened up its wings, its flames burning brightly.

“My golden bird will take out the sun!” Vale let out a roar as the bird flapped its flaming wings, merging with Vale’s blade in a sea of fire.

Vale was furious as he swung down toward Cody.

Cody pulled out his weapon as well; it was an incredibly long spear. His hands shook as the spear quickly shrank to normal size, buzzing as Cody met Vale’s attack with it.

The next moment, the crowd burst into a flurry of noise once more. Some of them recognized the level of the skills Cody and Vale used and started to discuss things excitedly.

“The golden bird is a middle earth level technique. I heard that Vale has already mastered it to the second stage! I wonder what level Cody’s skill is. Does anyone know Cody? Do you know what kind of technique he uses?”

A few shook their heads at the question. Even if they knew Cody, no one knew what kind of technique he used, knowing only the fact that he would typically use a spear.

Right at that moment, a loud explosion was heard on the stage. The spear clashed against the sword, and both of them retreated a step, neither gaining an advantage. From that alone, it was clear that the two of them were somewhat equal skill-wise, with none triumphing over the other. The audience was much more excited then. There were even some who wanted to set up bets to let everyone bet on the winner.

Vale frowned. Even though the two of them had both retreated, he was far from happy.


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