No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2826

Rudy was a complete weakling when it came to combat. Looking at this scene, Rudy could only feel goosebumps on his skin.

Jackie turned and shot a look at Rudy. The two of them headed toward the spectator stands of the third arena, where cheers and shouts for the battle still echoed. Some of them were so excited that their eyes reddened, but overall, everyone was thrilled.

Jackie brought Rudy to a secluded corner without a good view over the arena, seeing as the good spots were taken up already. He could not be bothered fighting over them with the crowd. After all, he was not as passionate about watching the battles as the others were. He merely wanted to watch a match before he queued up for his battle.

Since there were so many of them and only seven arenas, the turnover speed of the matches were swift. The moment Jackie and Rudy sat down, a new match was about to start.

“Good man! We’ve got a good show to watch this time. The one in black clothes is Cody Stone from the Unbreaking Pavilion, while the one in white is Vale Monet from the Compass Pavilion. Both of them rank around the same in their respective clans and are both among the top inner disciples.”

“It’ll be an intense fight for sure. We were just looking at wandering warriors before. Even though it was entertaining, it was starting to get bland. A battle between two juggernauts will spice things up!”

Cody and Vale both stood at opposite ends.

Everyone quieted down as they whispered their thoughts to each other, and this was how Jackie got around to learn who the two competitors were.

Rudy whispered, “So the Unbreaking Pavilion is against the Compass Pavilion. Both of them are eighth-grade clans, but to be frank, the Unbreaking Pavilion is much stronger than the Compass Pavilion. It’s just that we don’t know who’s stronger between their disciples.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, looking closely at Cody and Vale. The two of them did not like each other, evident just by analyzing their demeanor.

Normally, both sides would immediately attack after getting to the arena to save time, but for some reason, Cody and Vale merely looked at each other when they got on, not attacking.

The spectators did not urge them to start either. Everyone seemed to be waiting for them to roast one another. To the spectators, as long as the two of them were talented enough, they could give the competitors some time.

They wanted the atmosphere to be even more tense. Only an intense battle would excite them enough; fights that were not borderline fatal were boring.

Jackie could understand the mentality, but he did not like it.

Rudy obviously did not understand why the two of them were not fighting immediately. After all, many awaited their turn, and only once these two were done would they have their turn. He was baffled as he watched Cody and Vale merely staring at one another.

Rudy frowned before he whispered to Jackie, “Why aren’t they fighting yet? What are they just looking at each other for?”

Jackie laughed. “They want to waste their time on words, and they want the battle to be even more intense.”

The moment Jackie said that, Vale from the Compass Pavilion finally spoke.

“Other than within my clan, I’ve never shown any mercy when I’m fighting anyone else. You have to remember to surrender when we fight, or your life may very well be done for!”

Those words excited the crowd even more. The challenge within the words was plain for all to hear. He was clearly telling Cody that he would lose.


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