No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2825

“We have some amazingly talented disciples with us as well. Even though disciples of the Deer Pavilion have always been strong, I’m not worried at all. If he tries to kill me, I won’t let him off easily. I’ll make sure he pays the price, even if I have to die!”

The shorter man immediately got nervous at that. He reached out and pulled at the taller man’s arm. “Don’t be so hasty. No matter what, your life is the most important. As long as you’re alive, you’ll have the chance to reclaim what you’ve lost!”

The taller man nodded slightly, but Jackie could tell that he probably did not pay the shorter man’s advice any mind.

The moment they were in the arena, the taller man would not hold back if Paul tried to kill him. It might even turn into a battle to the death.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not saying anything, but Rudy started to get anxious.

Rudy whispered to Jackie, “Don’t be reckless if your opponent turns out to be strong, your life is what matters most. We can take revenge later, so don’t be reckless!”

Jackie knew what Rudy was worried about, and turned to look at Rudy, “Don’t you know my personality? If the opponent insists on troubling me, I won’t hold back. However, I’m not a reckless person. You don’t have to tell me any of that. I know it all for myself.”

Rudy helplessly pursed his lips.

With Jackie’s personality, Rudy really had been wasting his time. Jackie had never been someone who looked for trouble. Every time Jackie took action or was angered, it was because the other party had been trying to cause him trouble.

Rudy sighed helplessly at that, not able to say anything. At that moment, he suddenly heard shocked cries as discussions started to be heard.

“Another one died! They just went ham in the area the moment they started fighting. They did not know how to surrender, either. It was a battle to the death!”

“Just look at all the blood on the floor, it stained the arena completely. Fights have always been bloody, and someone dying is normal!”

“I wonder what kind of opponent I’ll face. Whoever it is, I hope they’ll remember to be considerably patient and not take my head!”

As everyone discussed the matter, someone grabbed the corpse and tossed it aside. The person should have been a wandering warrior without any fellow disciples. There was naturally no one who wanted to deal with his corpse. The corpse was tossed out of the arena like it was trash.

Rudy frowned as he looked at the corpse, mumbling to himself, “How cruel!”

At that moment, the corpse’s ribs were exposed, and it looked like a balloon had exploded inside the ribcage. The victor laughed as he walked out, not even giving the corpse another look.

It was a world Where the strong ate the weak, the survival of the fittest. That was the most basic rule of the Hestia Continent. No one cried out for the corpse at all. Most of them were instead encouraging the victor, making a chilling sight.


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