No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2824

“Before, those people called the two of us ignorant, and I didn‘t want to admit it. I feel like I have to admit it now, but it’s only applicable to me. I know that there are countless warriors in the Hestia Continent, but I’ve never really felt it before. I even thought that there won’t be that many people entering the Whirling World thanks to its restrictions. I know now how narrow-minded I was. The Hestia Continent is massive, home to countless warriors. Just the Middle Province alone has at least a hundred million people…”

“Even with the age restrictions, there are still countless warriors who can enter! Even after being filtered out, there are still so many who can enter the Thousand Leaves Pavilion. It’s possible that we’ll encounter countless people in the end. I understand now what it means when they say that there’s always a mountain higher!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, feeling like Rudy’s moment of realization came genuinely from the heart. He had to agree that Rudy was ignorant. Even Jackie had never seen so many people in one place before.

Jackie smiled, about to say something when they were interrupted by sounds of excitement.

There were two people who were similarly dressed, evidently from the same clan. However, Jackie was not familiar enough with Middle Province and could not tell where they were from.

The shorter man frowned and said, “Have you gotten your number called? Why don’t you wait for the time being? Why are you so anxious? A level-eight city is not easy, let alone a level-seven one. It‘s not good for you to do everything alone. Why don’t we wait for the rest of the team and our fellow disciples to gather before we move to the next city?”

The taller man shook his head. “There is strength in numbers, but there won‘t be enough resources to go around. Do you think I’ll be able to get any of the good stuff? I‘m used to moving alone. I’ll just feel restricted if I go with them. My number is already up. Once I win, I’ll go to the second floor.”

The shorter man frowned unhappily, obviously not agreeing with his fellow disciple’s opinion. Nonetheless, he did not dwell on it. “What number did you get? Who are you up against?”

The taller man sighed as he shook the token in his hand. “The fourth arena. I’m the seventy-eighth battle.”

After the shorter man heard that, he frowned anxiously. “The fourth arena is already at the seventy-third round. It won’t take that long for it to get to your turn. You still haven’t told me who you’re facing.”

The tall man pursed his lips helplessly. “Paul Mason from the Deer Pavilion.”

The mention of the Deer Pavilion caused the shorter man to pause. Rudy and Jackie exchanged glances at that, too.

It was the Deer Pavilion, Anthony was from the Deer Pavilion, too. The first time they met Anthony, he had very arrogantly told them that he was from the Deer Pavilion. They stood at the top of seventh-grade clans.

The shorter one sighed and pursed his lips. “I can’t believe you‘re meeting an inner disciple from the Deer Pavilion right away. I’ve heard of Paul before. Among the inner disciples, he’s not that amazing, but he‘s still in the middle. You have to be careful. I heard that this guy doesn’t have a good temper. He kills without a second thought.”

The taller man nodded, he frowned as he said seriously, “I’ve met all sorts of people before. Even though we’re not that strong among seventh-grade clans, we’re still quite a bit stronger than sixth-grade clans.”


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