No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2823

The moment he got the token, all the rules of the tower were transmitted into his mind. It might be Jackie’s first time in the tower, but it already felt like a familiar place. He was not anxious at all. He wanted to walk around for a bit before doing anything else.

Rudy, on the other hand, merely followed after him. Several times did he think of stopping Jackie, wanting to ask a question or two, but Jackie never looked his way. He felt like he would just annoy Jackie if he interrupted what he was doing.

After a long time, they were finally back at where they entered the tower. Rudy could not hold on anymore as he hurried to Jackie’s side. “Where are we going next? Didn’t you say the battles will start after we enter? Why do you seem so idle?”

Jackie smiled and said, “There’s no need to panic. I just wanted to look around before I queue up.”

Rudy did not know about the rules of the tower and thus blurted, “Queue? What queue? Do you need to register for the battles?”

Jackie laughed as he patiently explained after patting Rudy on the shoulder, “There are seven arenas on the first level of the Thousand Leaves Tower. You saw it just now. Intense battles are going on in each arena.”

Rudy nodded. They had walked a full circle around the tower just now and had seen everything. He did count seven arenas earlier, and each arena was surrounded by uncountable numbers of people.

The design of the arena was incredibly unique as well. It looked like a coliseum. There were spectator stands around the arenas filled with people cheering excitedly. Each battle was incredibly exciting, whether it be for the participants or the spectators. Everyone was filled with excitement, and the thirst for battle was thick among them. It was, simply put, a huge coliseum, but instead of battling beasts, extraordinary warriors duke it out in the arena.

Jackie continued to say, “If you want to take part in a battle, you just need to use the entry token to queue up. I’ve just entered, so I’m not in such a hurry. I just want to have a look around.”

Rudy nodded before turning around to look at the arena closest to them. It was the largest arena he had ever seen and the largest audience as well. He estimated the number of people. He felt like each arena could easily house tens of thousands of people, and all of the arenas looked full.

The booming cheers and shouts of people huddled at the same spot made Rudy‘s head buzz. The total number of people added up in all the arenas would already have exceeded a hundred thousand.

Rudy pursed his lips in surprise at that.

For many years, he had put all his focus on alchemy. Even if he took part in a tournament or went somewhere else, he had never seen so many people in one place before. Even since he entered the Whirling World, However he felt like he had been buried in a mass of people. He had never truly felt for himself how many people were in the Hestia Continent before.

He sighed at those thoughts.


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