No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2822

Jackie raised an eyebrow before saying, “It’s not an upper earth level technique…”

Those words confused Rudy even more. He wanted to ask more questions, but Jackie stopped him. “You just need to know that I’ll be able to bring you to a level-seven city. There’s no need to ask anything else.”

After saying that, Jackie entered the tower.

Rudy followed closely behind, still stupefied. He might be an alchemist without any martial talent, but he had basic knowledge. The skills that Jackie had shown before meant that Jackie did not have an ordinary technique. To him, a middle stage earth level technique was rather ordinary.

Inner disciples of eighth-grade clans all mostly practiced those techniques, but they were still no match for Jackie. This meant that Jackie’s technique was stronger than theirs, or he would not have won in such an overwhelming manner.

Since Jackie had denied that it was an upper earth level technique, there was only one explanation for it, it was a lower ultimate god level technique!

Every warrior in the Hestia Continent knew what an ultimate god level technique meant. Rudy widened his eyes and gaped, not daring to believe what he was thinking.

High level techniques were not something easily learned. So many prodigies have tried to learn high level techniques, only to be met with failure. It was far too difficult. Without being at a certain level of strength, it was impossible to grasp the intricacies of the techniques. Only those who could get to certain levels were able to try higher level techniques.

Rudy had seen many masters in this period. Whether it be inner disciples of seventh- grade clans or eighth-grade clans, not a single one of them would dare to try a lower ultimate god level technique. It was not due to the lack of resources, but due to a lack of courage.

Practicing a technique that was too powerful for them would only invite all sorts of trouble, and they would end up wasting a lot of time. Compared to wasting their time that way, it was better to master a technique they could grasp to strengthen themselves.

To Rudy, only those who were already at the divine solidifying realm or the late stage of the spring solidifying realm would attempt ultimate god level techniques, and success would not even be guaranteed by then.

How could a warrior at the initial stage of the spring solidifying realm successfully learn one?

Jackie never lost his calm when he used the technique. It was obvious that Jackie had reached at least the second or third stage of the technique.

Rudy did not want to think about it anymore; it would only baffle him even more. He began to admire Jackie even more at this point. To him, there were no limits to Jackie’s talent.

After the two of them entered the tower, they heard a clamor in front of them. Looking forward was an uncountable mass of people. Jackie had been right, there were more people within the tower than at the plaza. They were all in high spirits, filled with battle intent.

Rudy could not help but take a deep breath as he went on full alert. He might not need to fight, but the atmosphere still affected him. He even began to feel fear too. Jackie, on the other hand, was not affected at all. Instead, he seemed even more spirited as he walked over to the inside of the tower.

Rudy frowned, hurrying behind Jackie. The tower had seven levels, and they were currently at the first.


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