No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2821

Rudy straightened himself and said, “Thankfully, I’m here with you. Otherwise, I’d never be able to leave the Thousand Leaves Tower.”

He shook the purple band on his wrist as he looked at Jackie happily. The rules had actually been a huge advantage for Jackie. At that moment, he was just Jackie’s subordinate and could advance without needing to fight. As long as Jackie won, he, too, would move forward.

Jackie laughed before composing himself and focusing on the Purple Soul Gem in his hand. Even though the gem was not comparable to the Shattered Soul Crystals, it was an amazing treasure in its own right. He had nine of them in hand, and if he absorbed all of them, he would surely see improvements.

Time ticked away as Jackie formed seals with his hands, absorbing the pure soul energy from the gems while condensing Soul Swords. Jackie had already condensed 75 before, and he set a goal for himself this time. He had to complete Destroying the Void before he entered Thousand Leaves Tower. He would condense 100 Soul Swords. Even though he did not think the tower would be that difficult, it was better to enter the tower in his most capable and strongest form.

Rudy quietly looked on as Jackie formed seals. Even after knowing him for so long, Rudy did not know what kind of technique Jackie had. He merely assumed that Jackie probably had an upper earth level technique, but a guess was just a guess.


Five days passed by in a flash. Rudy tried to train himself during that time as well, but he was never that gifted in combat. After working for a long time without any results, he decided to focus on his alchemy after the fourth day.

Jackie opened his eyes on the fifth morning.

“You’re finally done training!” chirped Rudy excitedly.

“I thought I would have to wait for another five or six days. I was getting bored.”

Jackie let out a small chuckle before he calmly stood up from the ground. He dusted his clothes before he started to head to the tower gates without any delay.

Rudy followed after Jackie, and he could tell that Jackie was in a good mood. “Did you have any improvements? You broke through?”

Jackie nodded, much to Rudy’s glee. The stronger Jackie was, the safer he would feel and be.

Rudy widened his eyes and giddily asked, “Do you think your true skills are at the middle stage of the spring solidifying realm?”

The middle stage of the spring solidifying realm was an unattainable level for Rudy, but it was just part of the journey for Jackie. Even though the Whirling World restricted their power, it did not mean they could not break through. As long as they had the ability, it was possible. It was just that they would be restricted to the late stage of the innate realm. Their strength would return after they left the Whirling World.

Jackie shook his head. “There‘s been no change, but I’m almost there. My martial technique has improved. I’ve already perfected it.”

Jackie did not hide anything from Rudy when it came to these things. After all, Rudy was on the same boat as him, so there was no reason for him not to.

Rudy gulped at Jackie’s words in shock and hurriedly walked to Jackie’s side. “T-The upper earth level technique you’re practicing is already at the third stage?”


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