No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2820

Rudy grew fearful as he thought about it.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, immediately understanding what Rudy was thinking. He smiled as he patted Rudy on the shoulder. “Even though people will die, it’s not as many as you think.”

After saying that, Jackie did not bother explaining as he pulled Rudy to a more secluded area and rested.

Rudy sat next to Jackie and looked at Jackie in surprise. He did not want to bother Jackie with his question, but in the end, he succumbed to his curiosity. “I thought you’d go in immediately. Aren’t you well-prepared?”

Jackie shook his head. “I’m not in a bad condition at the moment, but I want to find somewhere safe to increase my strength.”

Jackie thus took out the Purple Soul Gem from Mustard Seed and placed it in his palm.

Rudy nodded before asking, “You said that not that many will die, but I feel like a lot of warriors won’t make it to the third floor. Since they can’t get there, they‘ll die…”

Jackie did not go into detail in his response, and Rudy could not figure things out, feeling as though their situation was a strange one.

Jackie looked at Rudy and could immediately tell that he would ask until everything clicked for him.

Jackie was forced to patiently explain everything. The rules of the Thousand Leaves Tower were rather simple, in fact. One just needed a victory to climb up a level, and a person needed to fight on every level. Only after winning would one be able to advance.

Hearing Jackie’s explanation, Rudy was even more confused. He widened his eyes as he asked, “Do you mean you won’t be kicked out if you lose? You can still wait in the Thousand Leaves tower for the next battle, and you can leave after winning two?”

Jackie nodded. After entering Thousand Leaves Tower, an opponent would be automatically chosen. Win or lose, they would be assigned another opponent after the battle ended. Some people might have lost because they were facing opponents far stronger than they were, so constant battles like that meant they still had a chance to win. That was why Jackie said there would be three results and that not many would perish.

However, Rudy shook his head firmly at that moment. “I still think that many will die. The opponents won’t know each other anyway, and they won’t bother holding back. Killing your opponent seems to only be a natural outcome.”

Young warriors were all bloodthirsty, they could easily kill their opponents if they were not careful. Furthermore, they were all in the Whirling World without the protection of the clans, so they could fight without inhibition.

Jackie smiled and said, “You’re right, but the Whirling World won’t let people get slaughtered even if the rules here are cruel. As long as you voice out your surrender, the Thousand Leaves Tower will determine that the match has ended. The rules want a result, not corpses.”

Hearing that, Rudy breathed a sigh of relief. There would not be a river of blood if that were the case. He sighed and said helplessly, “If you weren‘t here, I’d never have been able to witness all this!”

Even though many forms of danger were in the Whirling World, Rudy gained a lot of experience. He might have lived in Middle Province before, but thanks to his background, he had not gotten much experience. He never knew there were so many prodigies in the world.


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