No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2819

The plaza was crammed with people. A few were resting while others were gathered in groups, chatting away.

“There are so many people here. There are at least ten thousand people!” exclaimed Rudy with widened eyes. “Just Thousand Leaves City alone has so many people. If you add up the people from all the level-eight cities, there would be at least a few hundred thousand!”

Saying that, Rudy started to get excited.

Jackie turned to look at Rudy. “There should be at least twenty thousand people here. After all, these are just the people who remained at the plaza. Don’t forget those who’ve gone inside.”

Jackie looked toward the most important part of the plaza. The round plaza was definitely enormous, but compared to the Thousand Leaves Tower that was in the middle, it paled in comparison. The Thousand Leaves Tower was at the heart of the plaza. The tower was so tall that it touched the clouds, and it was probably able to fit tens of thousands of people!

Compared to those who were resting outside, there were probably even more people in the Thousand Leaves Tower.

With that in mind, Jackie started to get excited as well.

Everyone that was gathered there had gone through selections. No one here was subpar except for those brought in by someone else. They would need to go through even more selections before they could enter a level seven city.

The selection process did not seem that strict to Jackie, but it had reduced quite a few people.

Jackie could not imagine how many would remain when it came to the level two or even level one cities. It did not matter which cities they started from, but anyone who could arrive at a level two or level-one city would be the elite among elites. They would at least be chosen disciples in various big clans. He wondered when he would face challenges like that, but those challenges were all chances in Jackie’s eyes.

Rudy sighed as he straightened his back. “Are we going inside right now? I’m starting to get impatient. I am curious, though; why are these people lounging around? Shouldn’t everyone enter?”

Rudy was riddled with questions.

Rules of Thousand Leaves City had all been transmitted into Jackie’s mind the moment he got the entry token. Thus, he turned and looked around before saying to Rudy, “It’s not that they don’t want to enter, but that they want to make sure they’re at their best before they enter. After all, you can’t leave after entering the tower. There are only three results after you go in.”

Saying that, Jackie paused as his eyes gleamed with intent for battle. Rudy shuddered as he looked at Jackie.

Letting out a slight cough, Rudy carefully asked, “What are the three results?”

Jackie took a deep breath as he said slowly, “Either you die inside, or you reach the third level and leave Thousand Leaves City for the next city. The last possibility is to get to the seventh level and obtain various treasures before leaving for the next city.”

Rudy felt as though a bucket of cold water was poured onto his head. He instantly stiffened at the implication and could not help but shudder. Even though Jackie was relaxed as he spoke, Rudy could tell that the first result was what the majority would go through. Rudy had felt how cruel the Whirling World was in Black Sun City. However, he did not expect that Thousand Leaves City would be much crueler. He believed that each level in Thousand Leaves City would just see more and more people die.

Most of them would probably die here!


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