No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2818

Rudy smiled in glee, feeling like he had regained his lost honor. He then pointed at a muscular man who had criticized Jackie the most earlier.

This man was the same man who had criticized others in front of Jackie, and Rudy remembered the nasty things the man had said.

Rudy pointed at the guy and said, “You said that something‘s wrong with Jackie’s brain, didn’t you? That he’s not skilled and that he‘s ignorant. Well, do you still think that now? Who’s the ignorant one now, huh?”

The man’s face reddened as his lips twitched. Everything he had said and done came back at him and made him a fool.

Everyone was dead silent at that moment. Those who had so happily criticized Jackie earlier turned mute, not even daring to utter a single word.

Rudy snorted coldly, not bothering with them as he turned to look at Jackie.

Naturally, Jackie did not bother with these people. Jackie looked at Joe and reached out. “The two of us signed a contract. If you want to go against it, you’ll get a backlash from the laws of the world. I don’t have time to waste on you. Just hurry up and pay me.”

Jackie’s words deeply humiliated Joe. He was so angry that he was trembling, but there was nothing he could do. He struck a wager with Jackie and lost terribly. He even signed a contract, so it was too late for regrets.

Joe angrily took out 10000 spirit crystals from his storage and handed them to Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow at this and actually started to count the spirit crystals in front of everyone there. Only after he made sure the number was correct did he put the crystals in Mustard Seed.

Joe felt like he had just been slapped a few times. His chest heaved in anger as he glared at Jackie with gritted teeth. It was as if Jackie was his mortal enemy. Nonetheless, he did not say anything even as he quaked in anger. Skill trumped debate, after all, and Jackie had silenced everyone with his results. At that moment, there was no point for Joe to say anything. He would just be laughed at.

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he turned and began to walk toward the city gates.

Anthony hid at the back, not daring to say a single word. He was worried that Jackie would humiliate him by bringing up what he had said earlier.

After all, he had treated Jackie as a pure alchemist back then and felt like Jackie’s actions were a complete joke.

Anthony had a bitter feeling in his heart as he watched Jackie walking away. He had thought that there was something wrong with Jackie’s head, but Jackie, surprisingly, had the skills.

Compared to Jackie, he was useless. It made sense why Jackie did not even bother with him. With absolute skill, he even brought Rudy with him into the city, and he did not truly need the help, either.


Both Jackie and Rudy were at a massive round plaza. After entering Thousand Leaves City, 99 ivory steps greeted them. The two of them slowly walked up. After they got up to the plaza, they finally saw how large it was. Everywhere they looked, there were people. They could not tell how many people were there.

The plaza was even bigger than the whole of Black Sun City!

Rudy gaped at the sight. “This is the biggest plaza I’ve seen in my life!”


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