No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2817

The confident look on Joe’s face was wiped off at that moment, replaced by a look of utter disbelief as he stared at the crystal.

Though the crystal returned to its original state, no one could forget how intense the purple light was when Jackie activated it. Joe’s breaths grew labored at this point.

Rudy sneered, “Now that the victor has been decided, shouldn’t you hand over ten thousand spirit crystals?”

Those words were like a hammer on Joe’s head that snapped him out of his trance.

What had he done?

Jackie had set a huge trap for him, and he jumped into it so willingly and confidently!

Joe was so angry that his entire body stiffened. Even though 10000 spirit crystals were something Joe could afford, it was no small amount. Even if it was to pay off a bet.

He pointed at Rudy and said, “You ‘re both in cahoots to trick me. You’re scamming me off of my spirit crystals!”

At the moment, Joe only had one thought in mind, both Jackie and Rudy had laid out a trap that he, without knowingly any better, jumped in. He felt humiliated and enraged altogether. He felt worse than being slapped on the face a few times, and he wanted to kill Jackie for it.

Jackie’s lips twitched speechlessly. Joe actually said he was scamming Joe, but where did that come from?

Jackie frowned and said coldly, “Just admit that you’re a sore loser. Why are you talking about anything else? You said that we’re scamming you, but did I force you to take the bet? Didn’t you think I was weak and couldn’t get to enter the city? You were the shortsighted one here. You said I was ignorant earlier, so why are you calling me a scammer now?”

Joe’s face reddened at those words. He was right, but it did not change the fact that Joe felt like he had been lied to.

Joe took a deep breath and spitefully snapped, “You’re both scammers. You can’t be alchemists! Your clothes are for the sake of lying to people! You wear them to entice people into taking up your bets!”

Rudy got incredibly furious after hearing that.

Why was this man so unreasonable?

“Stop with all your lies!” lambasted Rudy. “We’re both alchemists. We even managed to get sixth-grade alchemist badges from the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance! Don’t you see the badges on our chest? Jackie’s just that strong. He’s much better than anyone else both in alchemy and in combat. I’ve told you so, but you refused to believe me, even saying that I’m crazy!”

Rudy then pointed at everyone around him. “I heard everything earlier. Did you all not say that?!”

Various remarks and comments were thrown around earlier, but the contents were more or less the same. Rudy was right, they had thought that Rudy was crazy earlier. They claimed that there was something wrong with Rudy’s head.

They just never expected Jackie to be so skilled!

Everyone felt awkward upon hearing Rudy’s words… And to think, they had been so happily discounting Jackie!


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