No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2816

He did not enter Thousand Leaves City immediately with the token like everyone else. Instead, he stood by the side and looked at Jackie with intrigue. It was obvious that he wanted to stay and watch the show. Jackie ignored everyone else, focusing solely on the rock. In truth, he was not entirely sure how much he needed to show for the colorless crystal to light up purple. After all, he did not just want to enter alone, Rudy had to come with him.

Thinking about it, he decided against holding back. His hands started to form seal after seal, and the power of Destroying the Void condensed into his fist.

At that moment, grayish-black energy emerged from Jackie’s right fist. There were no energy fluctuations from this energy, and it did not look to be anything extraordinary about that energy. Everyone peeled their eyes open as they looked at Jackie in anticipation, waiting for him to unleash a full-powered strike, only to find that the crystal did not react at all.

They wanted to see Jackie crying in despair after his failure. They wanted him to regret his ignorance.

Jackie frowned as he slammed his fist on the rock violently.

Everyone heard a boom, and the rock slightly quaked. Everyone’s eyes widened as the crystal on the rock suddenly glowed a vibrant purple color so bright that it hurt the eyes of everyone staring at it. All of them either covered their eyes or averted their gazes.

There had been quite a few people who made the rock glow purple before, but the light had never been so intense. It was as if the rock had its fill of power!

“Goodness! Is something wrong with the rock? Why is it glowing so intensely?!”

“Who knows? I can’t look anymore; I’m going blind!”

The vibrant light laser for a moment before it dissipated. The moment it vanished, two rays of light shot out and landed on Jackie’s hands. He noticed a purple tower entry token, as well as a purple band, had appeared.

When Jackie touched the entry token, a wave of information flowed into his mind. Jackie sighed lightly, lamenting the fact that the Whirling World truly was a mystical place with its complete set of rules.

The information had been incredibly rich, describing Thousand Leaves City’s various rules in detail.

If he had only managed to get the rock to glow red, he would only be able to get a tower entry token. If he had made it purple, he would get a band alongside that. There was only one use for that band, which was to choose out a helper. It would allow the person to enter Thousand Leaves City with the owner of the token, even allowing the entrance of this assistant.

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he pushed the band into Rudy’s hand, motioning for Rudy to hurry up and put it on. Rudy excitedly slipped the band on his wrist, wiping away his dejected expression. Regardless of what had happened, he managed to gain entry into Thousand Leaves City, which was a better fate than those rejected entirely. He might even get some benefits from it.

The mere thought gladdened Rudy, and he could barely fight off the grin on his face.

Being happy was not enough, however. After reveling in delight for a few seconds, he turned to look at all those who doubted them so vehemently. At that moment, everyone had their mouths shut, and the whole place was silent. Even their breathing had slowed.

Remembering everyone’s faces, Rudy slowly turned to look at Joe.


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