No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2815

“This guy is just too confident in himself. He even wants to sign a contract because he feels like everyone bearing witness is not reliable enough! If he loses, he needs to pay ten thousand spirit crystals. There’s no chance for him to even get out of it!”

“Before, I thought that the guy might have some other goals for acting that way, but now it seems like he’s just being way too overconfident. He feels like he can actually get into the city. There really are all sorts of people. It’s a miracle someone like him exists!”

“There’s no way around it. People who come from backwater places like him always feel like where they came from can represent the whole Hestia Continent. Even disciples of eighth-grade clans aren’t a match for him!”

Joe looked at Jackie speechlessly, suddenly feeling like everything he had done was incredibly petty. However, since everything had already progressed to this degree, he would not look good if he did not agree.

Joe nodded, taking out a contract from his spatial ring. Since the guy wanted to offer up his spirit crystals on a silver platter, there was no reason for Joe to refuse!

It was not that difficult getting the contract signed. All they needed to do was clearly write down the conditions on the paper before signing with their blood. It did not take that long for their contract to take effect.

With everyone else as witnesses, the two of them completed the contract without any delay. When the blood stained the paper, everyone’s moods were a little complicated. They watched Jackie with conflicted expressions. They felt like Jackie was being too overconfident. However, even if they could make out Jackie’s worth, everyone clearly saw Rudy next to Jackie.

Rudy’s strength back in the outside world was definitely no stronger than being in the early stage of the innate level. In the eyes of everyone there, it was considered trash. Even if Jackie had the ability to enter the city, Rudy definitely did not.

If it was just Jackie, people might have doubts, but the contract clearly states that the two of them will manage to enter the city. The results were clear, there was no other possibility!

“There’s something wrong with this guy’s head, or he wouldn’t do something so crazy. He’s just giving Joe his spirit crystals for free!”

“Who knows where this guy got all his confidence from…”

After signing the contract, Jackie averted his gaze, not wanting to waste any more effort on everyone there. He had wanted to bet twenty thousand spirit crystals, but he was worried that Joe would not be able to pay up such a huge sum. He hated getting tied down by the details, so he decided to just cut it in half. It was possible Joe did not have twenty thousand spirit crystals, but Joe definitely had at least ten thousand.

Probably because Jackie was being too calm, the discussions around them started to quiet down. Everyone quietly waited for Jackie’s turn, eagerly looking forward to Jackie’s results.

Time slowly passed away, and it was finally Jackie’s turn. The rock was more or less the same height as Jackie. The black rock was filled with blood-red patterns. On top of it was a colorless crystal. The person before Jackie had managed to get the crystal to light up red, earning the right to enter the city.

After the rock let out an intense light, a token shot out. On the token was the words ‘Tower Entry Token’. The person excitedly danced on the spot after getting the token.


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