No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2814

“Whatever, what’s the point of arguing with someone so ignorant? We’ll know how much of a joke his words were in just a moment. That large-mouthed guy from earlier failed to get in even after three tries. I’m willing to bet that they wouldn‘t be able to get in even if they stayed here and constantly tried for two years!”

Jackie let out a laugh as he turned to look at Joe. The disciple of the Compass Pavilion had a noble air to him, it was obvious that Joe came from a notable family.

Jackie let out a laugh, “Are you so sure that I’ll definitely fail to get in?”

Joe raised an eyebrow, not expecting Jackie’s sudden question. Joe nodded without any hesitation. It was something that Joe did not even need to think of.

If two alchemists could get the right to go into the city, then those rejected warriors were far too pathetic.

Jackie laughed, “Why don’t we make a bet? If the both of us manage to enter Thousand Leaves Pavilion together, you’ll give us ten thousand spirit crystals!”

Just thinking about the nine ninth-grade spirit crystals he needed to gather gave Jackie an immense amount of pressure. Jackie was not willing to give up any chance he had to make more spirit crystals. That guy had mocked him quite a bit earlier, and was now right up in his nose, looking at him with a mocking expression. Jackie had to teach him a lesson.

Joe widened his eyes as he laughed uncontrollably. He felt like the alchemist in front of him was such a joke.

Did Jackie not know what he was saying?

Did Jackie know how ridiculous he sounded to everyone there?

Jackie asked again after noticing Joe’s lack of a response, “Are you willing to take the bet?”

Jackie repeating his words caused even more clamor in the crowd. They felt like Jackie as an alchemist was far too amusing. Ignorant was no longer enough to describe him. His self-confidence was through the roof.

Joe laughed for a long time before he nodded, “Sure! Since you insist on this bet, I’ll give you what you want. If you win, the two of you get to enter Thousand Leaves City and I’ll give you ten thousand spirit crystals on the spot, but if you lose…”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he answered, “If I lose, I’ll give you ten thousand spirit crystals too!”

Those words successfully silenced the crowd. Everyone looked toward Jackie, and quite a few of them had their lips pursed. They felt like Jackie was crossing the line at that point.

Was Jackie really that much of an idiot?

Jackie did not bother with what everyone around him was saying and merely waited for Joe to nod. Joe furrowed his eyebrows, no longer knowing what to say. Ten thousand spirit crystals were no small number to Joe. Since Jackie wanted to offer him that sum for free, he would naturally accept the offer.

Joe smiled and said, “Alright! Let’s make it so! Everyone here can be a witness.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and replied, “I don’t trust human witnesses who could suddenly defend the person who lost. Why don’t the two of us sign a contract? We should write down everything in the contract. After the results are out, anyone who goes against the contract after it ends will be punished by the heavens!”

Jackie spoke all of those words as if he was dispensing justice. There was once again a lot of clamor within the crowd. They could not stop themselves from starting to curse again.


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