No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2813

“He gave himself that courage! It’s obvious that he’s just an alchemist from an insignificant place. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be acting so arrogantly, thinking that he’ll be able to enter the city himself!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow at all the discussion, pretending that he did not hear anything. He did not want to bother arguing with those people. But, Rudy’s determination was not as strong. Facing all those words, Rudy’s anger spiked.

“You’re the ones who are ignorant! You don’t know how strong Jackie is. Riff-raffs like you all aren’t even qualified to fight against Jackie!” Rudy was incensed.

He had completely forgotten everything Jackie had told him. He was practically arguing for the sake of arguing at that point. Jackie could not help but frown as he pursed his lips.

Rudy always acted however he wanted without consideration for the time and place. When the people around them heard those words, all of them laughed uproariously as they looked at Jackie and Rudy in disdain.

Practically no one agreed with those words at all. It only attracted more disdain and mockery. Joe walked over and stared at Rudy with narrowed eyes.

Joe had not planned on doing anything initially. Joe had just wanted to quietly wait until the results were out to prove how ignorant those two alchemists were. Yet, no one expected that Rudy would utter something as absurd as that. Rudy was practically framing Jackie as some amazing disciple from a ninth-grade clan.

Joe sneered as he said, “You really are inexperienced. Just listen to what you’re saying. Even a chosen disciple of the Compass Pavilion would not have dared to claim that he was unbeatable, that no one here was capable of facing him. After all, there’s always someone better out there. For an alchemist like you to dare make such wild claims. You really don’t know your place!”

Everyone nodded at those words. Those two alchemists really did not know basic common sense. They had probably never even gone through actual battle before. They merely thought that they had a bit of skill that would allow them to do what everyone else could not.

Jackie sighed helplessly, turning around and glaring at Rudy.

He frowned and said, “I tried so hard to stop you, but I still failed to stop your mouth. You insist on saying everything I did not want you to say. What’s the point of saying all that? Will everyone else believe you? Is there any point in venting your frustrations? You‘ll just invite even more negative opinions! From now on, you’d better shut your mouth. Swallow every single word you want to say!”

Rudy pursed his lips with some difficulty. He had to admit that Jackie was right. That group of people looked down on them, to begin with. No matter what he said, everyone would merely treat his words as jokes.

Rudy decided to just shut his mouth, not even raising his head. He looked like a child that had done something wrong.

Jackie turned to look at those people who were still mocking them. He smiled coldly and said, “People often say whatever they want to. Before the results are out, I think it’s better if you don’t be so obstinate!”

Jackie’s words incited even more laughter.

Someone pointed at Jackie and said, “What?”


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