No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2812

Jackie looked around and said after some thought, “They should be waiting for people. It seems like the situation in Thousand Leaves City is probably complicated as well. They wouldn‘t be waiting here otherwise. Some of the people here are the rejects, but most of them should be waiting. Joe hasn’t gone in yet as well? He’s a disciple of an eighth-grade clan.”

Rudy nodded slightly. After a while, he asked curiously, “They’re waiting for their fellow disciples to gather before they enter. Could it be that the challenge in the Thousand Leaves City requires more people to gather together to get better rewards?”

Jackie shook his head, “Nothing is certain. Let’s not think about it before we enter the city. However, there’s something that everyone agrees with. There’s strength in numbers. When it comes to fighting over resources, having more fellow disciples will give you more advantage and confidence. They might be gathering because of that.”

Rudy sighed with a sullen look on his face. The rejected warriors only made up a part of those gathered there. After all, most of them had probably accepted their fate and left the plaza, returning to level nine cities. However, there were still some warriors who did not accept their fates. They stayed behind and kept on trying. The more Rudy thought about it, the sadder he got. He had already grouped himself with the failures.

He looked at Jackie and could not resist saying again, “The world of a warrior is so cruel. Being an alchemist suits me better.”

Jackie could not help but laugh at that thought. Before, he did not feel like Rudy was that naive, but he finally understood Rudy’ s attitude after those words.

Rudy might like to put up false pretenses, but there was actually nothing much in his head. If Rudy had not met Jackie, he would have just been cannon fodder no matter where he went.

Jackie did not shoot back at Rudy and merely nodded, not saying anything else. However, that did not stop others from doing so.

Anthony was queueing up behind Jackie, and actually walked right over when he heard Rudy’s earlier words.

Anthony smiled coldly, “Being an alchemist is obviously suited to you. Those who can’t amount to much in the path of a warrior all end up trying to be an alchemist.”

Jackie frowned.

Anthony was not much different from all those people he had met before. They were all flies that Jackie could not get rid of. It was exactly because of that reason that he rejected Anthony’s suggestion.

Anthony felt like Jackie had insulted him, and was just trying to cause Jackie trouble. He deliberately raised his voice as he said that, intending for everyone around him to hear it. Mocking laughter immediately followed.

“It’s incredibly laughable for an alchemist to try and get the right to enter the city. Does he think that queuing up proves something? If he can’t do it, then he can’t. So many people have been rejected. How is he so confident?”

“I still don’t know about Jackie, but that one called Rudy is clearly incredibly weak. If Rudy manages to get into the city, I‘ll call him my father!”

“They’re all just incredibly pampered alchemists. They don’t know about the outside world at all. They think that they are better than us warriors just because they‘re a little skilled!”

“That’s right! A disciple of an eighth-grade clan is actually offering such tempting conditions and these two actually ignored it. Who gave them that courage?!”


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