No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2811

Anthony’s lips twitched helplessly, feeling like Jackie really did do things his own way.

Jackie was incredibly overconfident.

Anthony clearly knew Joe as he walked over and greeted Joe. After the two of them exchanged pleasantries, Anthony said meaningfully, “Joe, don’t be angry. This guy has a bit of a temper. Earlier, I met the two of them while I was waiting for my senior. I gave them an incredibly good invitation as well, but they tossed me aside without even looking at him.”

After that was said, there was a roar of laughter around them. Jackie really was something else.

Who did he think he was? Did he really think he would be able to enter the city with just his skills as an alchemist? He clearly did not know his place.

Rudy’s face was starting to redden at how he was being treated. He was practically shaking in anger. He was about to argue when Jackie pulled him back. There was no need to waste their time with people like that.

There were more and more people gathering at the front of the city, and more and more gazed toward them. Very quickly, the two of them became the focal point of the whole place.

Jackie hated being the center of attention, but trouble always came looking for him. It was something he could not avoid.

His lips twitched helplessly as he turned to look at Rudy and whispered, “I will look for somewhere with fewer people to discuss our plans after entering Thousand Leaves City. That’s already been messed up by these people, so… There’s no reason to wait anymore.”

After he said that, he immediately walked toward the group in front of the rock from before. The queue was already incredibly long at that point. Jackie casually brought Rudy over, causing everyone to widen their eyes.

“He’s really queuing up?”

“My gosh, I was just joking. I can’t believe he’s actually so overconfident that he thinks he can enter the city!”

“He’s clearly gone crazy. Only half the people who tried can enter the city. Who does he think he is? Does he think he’s a disciple of a seventh-grade clan? He actually thinks his skills would be able to let him in!”

Jackie ignored all the mockery thrown at him. He felt like they were just the words of ignorant people. His gaze was fully focused on the rock in front of him.

There were some people who used everything they had and still could not get the rock to glow red. Some others got in with merely a light punch. In the end, there was only one requirement to get into Thousand Leaves City and that was skill.

Absolute skill!

“I refuse to believe it!” A man with a goatee sent out punch after punch.

He seemed incredibly confident but failed to light up the crystal in the end. He looked at the rock hopelessly. The reality was that cruel! He did not have the right to enter Thousand Leaves City! It was just a level eight city, yet he could not even enter. He had thought that he would be able to show off his skills in the Whirling World, but all it did was showcase how useless he was!

The man shouted, “I refuse to believe it! How could I not be able to do it?!”

Yet, he could not do it no matter how much he shouted.

The ones behind him started to get unhappy as he shouted. Someone frowned and said, “Hurry up and leave! This isn‘t a place for you to vent. Don’t you see that there are still so many people behind you?”

The man’s lips stiffened as he composed himself. He sullenly left the place under looks of disdain. No one had much sympathy for the weak After all, it was survival of the fittest.

Rudy took a deep breath as even his muscles stiffened, “How cruel…”

Jackie nodded, not saying anything.

Rudy looked at the people around them and curiously asked, “Why are there more people gathered around than those that are queueing up? Why aren’t they entering? Or were all of them rejected?”


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