No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2810

He furrowed his eyebrows before he said, “There have been a few alchemists that have been brought in before you guys. All of them had to give at least a thousand spirit crystals. I’m already being very nice by offering you five hundred spirit crystals.”

Jackie and Joe’s conversation attracted a lot of attention from the bystanders. Quite a few of them looked over. Some busybodies even started to surround them. They wanted to see how much two alchemists would have to pay to be brought into Thousand Leaves City.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. He coldly looked at everyone that was gathered around and said, “Refining pills for free for you is already an incredibly big payment. You’re actually still asking for fees. You’re really trying to bully people with your positions.”

Those people were trying to take advantage of the fact that alchemists had no other choice, especially those who were alone and did not have large groups to protect them. They were basically tasty sheep in the eyes of those people. They set a price that the alchemists would be forced to pay. They would even need to commit to long-term labor.

Jackie let out a laugh.

From Anthony earlier to Joe who was in front of him, all of them tried to make it seem like they were doing the alchemists a favor. It really rendered him speechless.

Rudy lightly snorted, feeling the injustice of it all as well. However, Hestia Continent had always been an unreasonable place. The ones who made the rules were the strong. The weak did not even get the chance to talk back.

Joe raised an eyebrow as he studied Jackie. The surrounding crowd could not help but laugh, feeling like Jackie’s words made no sense at all!

Did Jackie think that he was the only alchemist in the world?

Jackie was still voicing his opinions despite such a great offer!

Joe had a sneer on his face as he said, “So you’re not planning on entering? It’s the first time I’ve seen someone like you, who doesn’t even know how to appreciate what’s given. Remember! Alchemists are weaklings in the Whirling World! You don’t have the ability to enter, so don’t try and argue so much!”

Jackie laughed as he turned away from Joe, “I refuse!”

Jackie’s words were incredibly firm. After that, he shut his mouth, not saying another word. Everyone was stunned as they looked at Jackie like they were looking at an idiot.

Did this guy know what he was doing?

Joe’s earlier terms had actually been incredibly good, but Jackie actually refused to accept it and said such harsh words in response.

Did Jackie think that he could enter Thousand Leaves City with his own skills?

Everyone merely looked at each other, feeling like his actions were even more absurd than the large-mouthed man earlier.

Everyone was gossiping in their hearts, “Hey, brat! Do you think you’ll actually be able to enter Thousand Leaves City with your skills?”

Jackie glanced at that person, not even bothering with an explanation. He felt like those people were all just wasting their time.

“Just look at how he’s not saying anything. Is that silent acknowledgement?! The world really is full of miracles. I have never seen an alchemist as confident as him,” The person emphasized the word alchemist.

After all, everyone knew that there were no alchemists who made it to the late stage of the innate level before they were thirty…

Joe suddenly laughed as he looked at Jackie with an incredibly disdainful look. Jackie really was an idiot. He wanted to see what sort of tricks Jackie could pull.

“You’re actually here!” A familiar voice was heard by Jackie.

Jackie turned around and saw Anthony looking at him with a meaningful expression. Anthony probably has just arrived, but he probably knew what was happening from the discussions around them.


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