No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2809

Jackie frowned, not really liking people who start off their introductions with their origins. However, he refrained from being too rude before the person made his intentions clear.

Rudy‘s lips twitched as he whispered to Jackie, “The Compass Pavilion is an eighth- grade Clan. He should be quite strong if he’s an inner disciple there.”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, not expecting that the Compass Pavilion would be an eighth-grade clan. He had bumped into the disciples of quite a few high-grade clans recently. He was starting to grow numb to disciples of eighth-grade clans.

Jackie nodded at him and introduced himself. However, he did not reveal where he was from. After all, being an alchemist was already enough of an introduction. He did not want anyone to know that he was from Phoenix Valley.

Phoenix Valley was not in the best of positions at that moment. If he revealed that he was from Phoenix Valley, it was very possible that he would invite unnecessary trouble. Joe did not force Jackie to reveal his background when he saw that Jackie had no intentions of doing so, and merely nodded at Jackie warmly.

His eyes glanced across Jackie and Rudy, seemingly thinking about something.

Jackie frowned, not enjoying being looked at like that. However, he did not want to say anything at that moment. He merely quietly waited for Joe to reveal his intentions.

After a moment, Joe nodded at the two of them, “I saw that the two of you were hiding here after you arrived. Are you hoping that someone will bring the two of you inside? You shouldn’t rely on that riff-raff around here… They don’t have the skills nor the confidence. My junior disciple and I are from the Compass Pavilion, an eighth-grade clan. We definitely have the skills to bring the two of you into Thousand Leaves City.”

After saying that, Joe extended five fingers to Jackie, “Since the two of you are already sixth- grade alchemists at such a young age, you must be very talented in the field.

“I’ll give the two of you a discount. You only have to give me five hundred spirit crystals each, and I’ll bring both of you inside. However, there’s another condition. If I need any pills refined, you will have to help me out.”

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly. It was the same request again.

Rudy furrowed his eyebrows, feeling like these guys were just trying to get free labor from the two of them, no matter how nicely they spoke.

After all, alchemists were incredibly rare in the Whirling World. They would be incredibly useful at the right moments. That was despite the fact that seventh-grade alchemists were what everyone really needed at that moment. However, thanks to the restrictions in place, most seventh- grade alchemists were already over the age limit. There were very few people who were able to become seventh- grade alchemists in sixty years.

The seventh- grade alchemists that entered the Whirling World were all already part of their respective forces. They would only be used at important moments. Even Joe was not able to have easy access to a seventh-grade alchemist despite being from an eighth-grade clan.

Within Hestia Continent, Joe looked down on sixth-grade alchemists. After all, sixth-grade alchemists were not incredibly useful for him. Yet, the whirling World greatly lacked alchemists, so he could not afford to be picky.

The conditions he mentioned were already quite lenient. There were already other alchemists that went into Thousand Leaves City with the warriors. Quite a few of them had to pay two thousand spirit crystals and even needed to refine a lot of pills. It was something that could not be helped. After all, alchemists did not have the skill to get past the city gates.

Joe noticed that Jackie remained quiet. Jackie still felt like the price was too high.


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