No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2808

After he found out about the numbers, Jackie was quite surprised. Phoenix Valley had practically sent two-thirds of their number into the Whirling World. Furthermore, most of them that were being sent in were the ones that were incredibly talented. The ones that remained were those that were not very gifted.

If Phoenix Valley were willing to send in so many of their own as a major force in Middle Province, then the other forces would definitely do everything they could to enter the Whirling World.

Thousand Leaves City was just one among the many level eight cities. There were still over a hundred level eight cities that were just like it. Those cities were all similar to Thousand Leaves City whether it be in terms of size or the various rules. A further thought was the fact that those of them in front of Thousand Leaves City were just a tiny portion of the people who had yet to enter the city. From that, it was obvious how many had entered the Whirling World.

Thinking about that, Jackie sighed as he looked at the discussions in front of him. They were either saddened or excited. Jackie was also one of them at that moment. He started to feel uneasy about his future.

How far could he go in the Whirling World? What sort of difficulties would he face?

“That big mouth is quite pitiful…” Rudy mumbled softly.

He looked at the man with sympathy. At that moment, the man had already been tossed aside by the person behind him. Other than Rudy, there was practically no one who was sympathetic toward that man.

They merely felt that the large-mouthed man’s words and actions were funny. It was clearly the man’s fault for not having the skills, but he seemed intent on blaming everything else except for himself. He was at the lowest of the low in the Whirling World and would be relegated eventually.

The man stood there with a despondent look on his face after being tossed aside. He looked like he had been given up on by the world.

He trembled as he continued mumbling to himself, “Will I not be able to get in? So many people have clearly gotten the right to enter. I’m not weak within my clan! Why can’t I even get through the city gates!”

He felt deeply impacted. He looked like he had aged ten years on the spot. Rudy felt incredible pity for him as he could not resist comparing himself to the man. Rudy felt like he was not much better.

Without Jackie, he might not even have survived Black Sun City. The more Rudy thought about it, the sadder he got. He even started to wonder if he could even survive the next two years. He wondered what he would be like when it was time to leave the Whirling World.

Jackie patted Rudy on the shoulder, stirring Rudy from his thoughts.

Jackie said helplessly, “It’s not the time for you to let your thoughts wander. If you have time to feel sorry for others, why don’t you think about your next course of action? Since you can’t really grow in the path of a warrior, then throw everything you have into alchemy. Remember, you are an alchemist first and foremost.”

Jackie’s words caused Rudy to have a moment of realization. Rudy had been worried about all the wrong things. Ever since he entered the Whirling World, he had forgotten about his identity as an alchemist. What was abundant around them were warriors who were looking to increase their strength.

Rudy nodded earnestly.

“I am Joe Candor, an inner disciple of the Compass Pavilion. Might I ask the two of you where you’re from?” A cool voice suddenly spoke next to Jackie and Rudy.

The two of them looked over at the same time. They saw a handsome black-robed man looking at the two of them with a soft smile.


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