No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2807

Rudy immediately froze at those words. He frowned as he looked at the city gates in fear.

At the moment, the gates were partially shut, leaving only enough room for one person to pass. Many people were trying to get in, but there were also a lot of them who were looking at the city gates with concern. Ever since he arrived at the plaza in front of the gates, Jackie had only seen people enter. He had not seen a single person coming out.

That basically meant that Thousand Leaves City was several times more dangerous than Black Sun City. With Rudy’s meager skills, he would not be able to do anything.

The more Rudy thought about it, the more worried he got. There were countless treasures in the Whirling World. It was an amazing place for most warriors, but with the resources came unavoidable danger.

For those that were strong, the danger would turn into an opportunity. However, the weak would just be putting their life at risk. It was like a beast with an open mouth that could swallow them whole at any moment.

Rudy frowned and turned to look at Jackie in concern, “Should I not enter this time as well?”

Jackie shook his head and answered, “Since I can bring you in, I’ll definitely bring you inside. If there’s any danger that I can’t deal with inside, I’ll figure out a way to get you out or find somewhere safe to hide you.”

Jackie’s words alleviated a lot of Rudy’s worries. However, he still could not help but feel waves of fear facing Thousand Leaves City.

“Lost again! This guy has tried three times, and he failed to get the crystal to glow red each time. He refuses to leave after he fails, and he’ll just try again. Do you think I should applaud his courage or do you think I should say that he’s an idiot?!”

There were two muscular, shirtless men standing in front of Jackie. The two of them were looking at the Rock and discussing things with great interest.

Jackie could not help but look toward the position of the rock. There was a large-mouthed man at the rock. The man’s face was reddened at that moment, and he looked a little crushed mentally. His whole body was shocking as he let out an angry roar, “Why can’t I do it?! I‘m just a little off. Why won’t it let me enter? I’m clearly not weak!”

There was a trace of arrogance in those words. Others felt incredibly amused watching him. The two men standing in front of Jackie could not stop laughing after hearing that.

One of them shook his head and said, “This guy really is confident in himself. He thinks that he’s just a little off, but he’s actually lacking a great deal. On average, only half can get into the city. The other half would be disqualified. Who does he think he is… It’s as if it’s down to his luck that he can’t get into the city. What a joke!”

The other person nodded and said with a cold smile, “People like him are pretty common. They all think they’re better than others, but so many masters entered the Whirling World this time. Their meager talents might seem incredible when they’re at insignificant places, but they’re just ants among masters. Some of them aren’t even worthy of being called dust!”

Those words were very straightforward, but they were honest words after all. From the numbers gathered at the plaza, a lot of people came to the Whirling World. Furthermore, Jackie had found out how many people Phoenix Valley was sending into the Whirling World before they entered.


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