No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2806

He had said things so clearly. He did not even have any intention of negotiating things.

Did he really think he could enter Thousand Leaves City by himself as an alchemist?

He could not be as certain about other things, but there was a piece of common knowledge in the Hestia Continent. No matter how exceptional the alchemist was, they would throw most of their time into alchemy, neglecting their training. It meant that alchemists were all not very strong. Even though Jackie looked like he was at the late stage of the innate level at that moment, Anthony was sure that Jackie’s actual skill was not at that level. At most, Jackie would only be at the middle stage of the innate level.

Someone at the middle stage of the innate level was actually talking to him so arrogantly. He did not plan on getting anyone’s help to enter Thousand Leaves City!

Anthony wanted to laugh at that thought. The brat was too arrogant. Who did he think he was?

Anthony coldly snorted and said, “Just you wait! You will regret this when you see what’s waiting for you. Once you see how difficult being acknowledged by the rock is, you won’t be able to keep up with your arrogant ways!”

Jackie and Rudy then continued their journey to Thousand Leaves City.

When they were about a thousand feet away from Thousand Leaves City, Jackie could see a large crowd gathered in front of the city. They were all warriors who wanted to enter Thousand Leaves City. Other than endless wastes, they had only seen Anthony for the last two days. Rudy could not help but get excited when he suddenly saw so many people in front of him.

He pointed at the crowd and said, “Initially, I didn’t think that there would be that many people wanting to enter the Whirling World. After all, there are many uncertainties about the world. Now it seems like all the warriors who meet the criteria have entered!”

Rudy got more and more excited as he spoke. He felt like he had participated in the biggest spectacle among younger warriors in the Hestia Continent. It was as if they were all the most talented young people in the Hestia Continent.

Compared to Rudy, who was so excited, Jackie seemed much calmer. He raised an eyebrow and looked over to see a flood of heads in front of the city. He also saw the rock that Anthony had talked about earlier.

The rock to enter the city was at the center of the plaza in front of the city. There were many people queueing up in front of the rock. Everyone was incredibly eager to get the qualification to enter the city.

After Jackie let out a sigh, he pulled at the excited Rudy and headed toward the city gates.

There were two groups of people within the plaza. There was a group of idle people standing at various spots in the plaza, while the other group was queuing up in front of the rock. Those that were in various places were either chatting or resting. They seemed to be waiting for something as they stood at the plaza and looked in the distance.

After Jackie arrived at the plaza, he did not head to the queue immediately. He wanted to observe things first, so he pulled Rudy to a corner and settled down. Even though the rock was no challenge to Jackie, he still wanted to observe the surroundings before entering Thousand Leaves City.

Rudy blinked as he looked at Jackie curiously. He quietly asked Jackie, “Aren‘t we going in immediately? Do you feel like there’ll be danger in Thousand Leaves City?!”

Jackie was a little speechless. His lips twitched as he replied without turning his head around, “Isn’t what you said just stupid? It’s not like I didn’t tell you about what happened in Black Sun City. Black Sun City was just a level nine city while this one in front of you is a level eight city. If there’s no danger inside, I’ll eat a cockroach!”


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